Grabbing my wins as I can get them

I’m sitting in my local coffee shop as I type this.  It opened during the pandemic. The owner is a young woman who came home from out west and this was her dream – her own shop.  Pandemic?  Well surprise she didn’t factor that in.  The shop is on my bus route and an easy walk. It has large wooden tables to spread out my coffee, laptop, phone well you get the idea.

Sitting here as our COVID19 numbers creak up, I’m wondering how long I will have this luxury.  Considering other places are in lockdown. This time last year I wouldn’t have considered sitting in a coffee shop without my mask on to drink my coffee a luxury. A lot has changed in less than a year.

That said, I’m going to enjoy my wins as I get them.  Currently that has meant going to coffee shops to write, outside patios with friends, library and walks. I’m not going to take them for granted as literally I don’t know how long they will last. All the things we just did. We didn’t give a thought to not doing.

I don’t want to write the rest of the year off.  As 2021 is not looking that great at the moment. At least the first quarter. I’m going to take my wins and celebrate them. Sitting here with a good coffee and thinking maybe I should I have a cinnamon roll.  Knowing the library is open and I have access to all the books I want at the moment. That the weather has been beautiful and Remembrance Day it was 17 degrees Celsius. Canada here so that is pretty incredible.

I am also going to work on keeping my complaints and negativity to myself. We don’t need anymore.  I’m going to focus on what I can do, enjoy and celebrate my wins. My wins are sitting in my coffee shop. Picking up books at the library. Going for a walk with friends. Visiting friends in my circle. Looking for activities that feed my soul at home. Found on-line painting group with great tutorials.

I’m also going to support local businesses, friends and make a point of checking in on people. I figure if I can keep my mood up it might help others. So let celebrate our wins when we can find them. They don’t have to be big. They can be things we used to take for granted.

This isn’t going away any time soon. The holidays are coming and I for one want to enjoy them. Yes, I realize they will be different. I will have to be more creative (which isn’t a bad thing). Maybe the changes I make for the holidays and life in general will be positive changes. There that is a potential win!

So let work at celebrating wins when we get them. Just being able to express myself is a win. Let me know your wins lately during this topsy-turvy world.

You can always start now!


27 thoughts on “Grabbing my wins as I can get them

  1. It’s great you are feeling positive and looking for the can do’s it life. It’s something I try to do a lot, not just during a pandemic. Disability can bring restrictions of its own and you learn to appreciate the small stuff.
    That being said I am struggling to find the little things sometimes at the moment. We are back in lockdown here, only essential shops open and no seeing friends or family even in your own garden. Shielding has been a form of lockdown for me since March. I’m enjoying reading, box sets and crafting.


    1. It is so hard. We are not back in lockdown yet but cases are climbing. Work at a health centre so I’ve been going to work everyday. So routine there and socialization there. Just took a few vacation days (win). It is doing what you can to keep it together. Take care and know people are thinking of you.

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  2. Celebrating even minor wins seems like a better and better strategy for happiness right now. My son works at a restaurant that just closed (temporarily, we hope) due to the rising COVID numbers. Now he must go back on unemployment. Sometimes it’s a struggle to look for the silver linings!


  3. We are living in times when even mundane things look like a luxury. I haven’t been to any coffee shop in the last 8 months even though the authorities allowed them to open almost 3-4 months ago because it is risky. Restaurants and cafes are high risks because of the closed atmosphere and people have to remove masks. This is what even researchers are claiming. Life has changed a lot in 2020 and it is best to adapt and go with the flow. Take care and enjoy what you can.


    1. All the things we took for granted. I’ve been to coffee shops and have felt safe. As for a while we were doing really well (string of no cases). Now it is rising and into Wave two. I am trying to celebrate wins – no matter small. Finally a book coming in at the library. Finding an on-line holiday picture to paint. Take care and hope you and your family are safe. We are all in this together. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

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      1. Happy to know it is safe to visit and enjoy at the local cafe. The cases are rising exponentially, of late. We’re safe, at the moment. Let’s see, Painting is such a stress buster. Yes, we are all in this together.


  4. Yes, celebrating our wins is so important! Your online painting group sounds wonderful–I hope we’ll be seeing some of your work. I have a short story coming out in the next issue of CutBank, and I’m excited. It’s definitely the most respected journal that’s published my fiction and it’s one of my favorite stories, so I feel like my character has finally found the home she deserves. (Isn’t that weird? Writers are weird.) Here, we’re gearing up for Thanksgiving, which will be small, but ours usually is. I’m going to miss seeing my sister, this year–she lives in Seattle and of course isn’t flying at the moment. But we’re hanging in there! Stay positive–you inspire me to, too!


    1. On-line painting is a Facebook group – not sure about showing paintings but it has been fun. Home more so looking for things to do that don’t involve Netflix. That is so exciting about publishing in CutBank. Yes writers are weird I know exactly what you meant when you said found the home she deserves as she (and you) have worked for it. Doing NaNoWri this year so November has been writing. Celebrating holidays and wins are different this year – will take nothing for granted. So take care. Do things that bring you joy and yes celebrate wins. This is also a time to get creative which we have in hand!!

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  5. I am so glad that this particular post showed up in my mailbox! Celebrate the wins! We need to do that. I think, though it would not be a popular thought that there are hidden opportunities in our situation. But often we spend our energy wanting things to be normal, that we miss the opportunities. imo, anyway. I am stubborn, and reject any statement that this is our “new normal” only because it has a finality to it and an authority that none of us possesses. I am glad that you have been able to get to a coffee shop to write and think and observe. Good Stuff. Blessings, Michele


    1. Yes it is a hard year and I realize how fortunate I have been. Continuing to work (health centre) and somewhat of a routine. I just think this year is happening with or without us so celebrating wins is positive. I agree with spending our energy wanting things to be normal and missing opportunities. I think this happens even when we are not in a pandemic – wanting things to be different and not appreciating what we have. Thanks for visiting. Take care.


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      1. Christmas was quiet but good thanks. How about yours? I’ve not got back onto the blogging yet, but have been busy crafting. I’m hoping to take part in #The100DayProject again. It starts the end of January. Will you be joining in?


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