20 things to do on a rainy/snow day

20 things to do on a rainy day.    I love a sunny day – summer or winter – but realize rain is needed.  I hate looking at brown grass and a fire ban especially during the summer.  My ultimate would be if it poured every day from midnight to six am.  Since that doesn’t happen I’d thought what we need is a list of things to do on a rainy day.  That way I’m not wishing the day away or complaining. I have a go to list to embrace the day. 

  1. Clean out your junk drawer (I think the majority of us have one)
  2. Go through one or two dresser drawers.  Remember to toss everything on the bed or floor and really look at it before putting it back.
  3. Give yourself a facial.  I often pick up a few when I see them on sale.  They are nice to have as a treat when you have time.
  4. Pedicure and/or manicure
  5. Read a book – I mean seriously I shouldn’t have to put this on any list.
  6. Snail mail.  Pick up some pretty blank cards – always good to have around.  Sit down with a cup of coffee or beverage of your choice and drop some notes.
  7. Delete pictures off your phone and file in appropriate places
  8. Make chili, soup or any meal you can freeze and have on hand later.
  9. Go through your linens and donate or toss extras.
  10. Paint an accent wall.  
  11. Make yourself a workout or relaxation playlist
  12. Try swapping your pictures around the house
  13. Re-pot any plants that are pot bound
  14. Stencil or wallpaper the inside of a closet.  Use up that extra wallpaper you are holding on to or left over paint.
  15. Clean your fridge out. Ugh I know.
  16. Make yourself a delicious meal – maybe one that takes time you usually don’t have
  17. Start or finish a project you have been thinking about.  Example one of those photo books of a vacation or celebration of a special time in your life.
  18.  Do yoga, meditate, tai chi – you get the idea.  You can find guided meditations and classes on YouTube and other places.
  19. Crafts. If you are like me have a Pinterest board of craft ideas.  Check it out and pull out your supplies.
  20. Have a nap.

What would you add to the list?


You can always start now!

2 thoughts on “20 things to do on a rainy/snow day

  1. Wanda Mulley

    Lol I think I’d use my rainy day to go thrift shopping to see what I could find to repurpose or use in a craft. I like all your ideas. Reading and napping are tops in my books too!


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