New shopping experience and community win/win

This is a bit of a rant.  Full-disclosure here.  I have been listening to people talking about the holidays and gifts. Ordering now to make sure things arrive on time. This ordering usually involves Amazon. I just looked up CEO worth and it is over 200 billion. So I figure he has been taken care of and have no worries he will do without with my little rant.

What concerns me is people are ordering on-line and usually not supporting the local shops and/or artists in their community.  This year has been (and continues to be) hard enough for individuals without them losing their livelihood because we are shopping on-line with multi-million dollar companies.  Okay I get that local can be more expensive.  That said maybe we should be asking questions like 1) does this person need this  2) am I purchasing too much  3) how can I make this a win/win  4) is there a lesson here for my kids in supporting local and community?

How many Christmas gifts do kids really need?  Maybe purchase fewer items but make them higher quality by buying local. I know there are tons of artisans in my local community and I have no doubt it is the same world-wide. There are crazy talented people out there.  Check your local Etsy sellers.  If you and your friends exchange gifts why not decide to support a local business. I recently purchased earrings and the artist delivered them right to my door!

Rethink your shopping experience.  The majority of us do not need more stuff because it is a good deal from big box businesses.  Over 200 billion?  I think that should be spread around a bit.  How cool would it be as a family to check out local businesses and local Etsy sellers and pick your favorite shops to support.  Decide to buy less stuff and spend it at home – to support artists and restaurants in your area.

Can we make 2020 the year to blow up purchasing our gifts locally? I think we can – lets make 2020 count for something.  Community. 

You can always start now!


10 thoughts on “New shopping experience and community win/win

  1. arv! says:

    I’m glad you brought this up. We should support the local services and shops because they have been serving us for years and we have someone to go back to in case of any issues.


  2. The Tea Chest Blog says:

    So agree, we have been shopping at our local river market, eating at the independently owned cafes and making sure we support local as much as we can. Great reminder 😊


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