Creative leap 10 steps

Earlier this year  I decided to challenge myself to creative leaps the first Wednesday of the month. I’d report back in two weeks. Nothing major just something different.

Creative leap 10 steps  was my challenge two weeks ago.  I asked a friend to pick a colour – it was yellow. I headed out the door to look for the colour yellow and wham yellow fire hydrate on my lawn.  Hmm….  The thing is I like to walk so was really looking forward to walking and looking for the colour.  I thought maybe I would find a yellow door or even a car. To not get off my property!!  

So before heading any further I decided on orange.  I managed to get a few blocks into my walk before I saw this.  Yep definitely orange. 

3 thoughts on “Creative leap 10 steps

  1. Wanda Mulley

    Great idea..10 steps, I like it! The door in the house in the background of your orange crosswalk sign sort of looked orange as well.


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