Creative Leap – 10 steps

I started these creative leaps earlier in the year.  This post will give you the background.  Fast take – each month I give myself (hopefully you!) a creative leap to try.  Nothing major and they can range from staying home or heading out.   So here we go!

This might not be for everyone but while the weather is still nice, it might be fun.  Or at least different.  Easy start we are heading outdoor and walking until we see the colour red (or colour of your choice).  I’m just picking red here .  You can pick any color, item, car, person you want.   We turn left or right, I guess depending on where we are and if we can.. Walk ten steps.  Stop. Look to our left or right  and describe in detail what we see.  Maybe take a picture! That is it!

You can always start now!

One thought on “Creative Leap – 10 steps

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