Stream of Consciousness Saturday – old/new

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It is Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  The prompt for today is “old/new” which was sort of neat as I was walking to my favorite coffee shop Saturday morning to work.  Oh and have a pumpkin spice treat. Full disclosure here.

This part of the city has a lot of “new” deveopment happening. I mean apartment buildings going up across the street from each other.  I often wonder where the people are coming from.  In amongst this new construction is a neighbourhood of older homes.  Colorful wooden two stories homes.  Ones that you can see families being raised in with large backyards,  Where you knew your neighbours and looked out for each other.

The old homes have character in that each one is different from the color, entrance, height, windows and front door. I feel the city is losing its uniqueness when it loses these homes and neighbourhoods for steele and glass.  I don’t want to live in a steele and glass city.  I want my color.

You can always start now!


3 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – old/new

  1. In our little village (of about 700), some of the ladies designated a day to paint the town (any color) by painting front doors. It was great–a lot of people got into it. (We had just recently painted ours, a light blue). It’s a fun pop of color around town, and I think a poster was made, the sale of which went to something (I forget) featuring all the bright and colorful front doors. We are hoping we stay pretty rural around our spot and continue to have no city water. When that happens, the boring condos move in!


    1. I love seeing bright colored front doors. Walking home I see a few orange ones! I think that was a great idea to paint the town. The poster is a brilliant fundraiser. Well done. I am sick at losing beautiful older homes to condos. Such a lose of historical character in a city/town well area period. As always thanks for visiting.

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