Okay new season what are we doing?

One of the blogs I check out daily is A Beautiful Mess . They created an autumn bucket list and I thought brilliant and I’m on it.  There is nothing outrageous on theirs or mine lists.  You don’t have jet off to New England to see the fall colours.  The items are all things the majority of us can do at around home.

With the world still in a pandemic I thought this is what we need.  Things to look forward to this season.  Items that will take us out of house and also have us curled up at home.  So I’ll start the autumn bucket list and please add to it!

  • Fall for me is the best time of the year for hikes and walks. No humidity and the days are still warm.
  • Take in the fall colours.  I’m lucky to live in a part of the world where fall is beautiful with the leaves changing to yellow, orange and red.  Capture them.
  • Check out  fall festivals or craft shows in your area. Remember to mask and physical distancing.
  • Start gathering your chili and soup recipes
  • Pumpkin-spice everything.  I’m definitely getting a pumpkin-spice latte (or two…..)
  • Candles in your favorite scents.  Pull them back out or purchase new ones
  • Decorate for fall or Halloween.  A friend has a beautiful glass pumpkin collection. Looks stunning.
  • Pick out your next  Netflix series to watch this season.  Is there anything scary or fallish?
  • Cook your favoriate comfort food.  For me mac-n’cheese is one
  • Curl up and check out Pinterest or your favorite blogs for craft ideas – maybe a fall wreath?
  • Do you need a new sweater?  I love my sweaters, jean and boots.
  • Outdoor house maintenance while the weather is not too cold
  • Books, books and books.  Have you started picking out your winter reads?
  • For me fall is also about looking around and seeing what projects I haven’t completed and don’t want on my plate going into the new year.
  • A friend is checking her monthly subscriptions.  What she is  enjoying and what doesn’t serve her anymore.  This is a good time of year to review subscriptions. Maybe you can free up some money.

If you have anything to add please share.  I do believe we should enjoy all season (Canada here so….).  Life is happening with or without us so don’t write any of it off.

You can always start now!


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