Setting an intention

This past year I have done SHE Quest.  It is a membership program and a community for women to explore, move forward and be bold, whole and live on your own terms.  We set a word or intention for 2020.  My word was fierce.  We created an oracle card and image of our word (see above).

For me it was a lioness – I mean is she not fierce or what?  I choose the word fierce to push me to explore outside my box. I ended up taking a creative coach for four months. I pushed myself to try pastels and charcoals.  Fierce for me is having no (or less) regrets.  Also at that point I wanted 2020 to count for something.

So we are starting a new season in SHE Quest and first thing is setting an intention for the next four months.  What do I want to accomplish?  Feel?  How can I more forward?  What word/phrase would resonate with me for the next four month?  A want a word that will propel me forward.

We have four months left of 2020.  It has been a hard year that no one saw coming. I want to end the year knowing I did something. That I moved forward even a little.  So I’m setting my intention (word) for the next four months.   I’m going to display where I see it daily.

I’m committing to my intention.  I’m going to make a card with my word and a design.  If anyone wants to join me that would be great!  I would love to know your intention.  What do you want to work on for the next four months? What word resonates with you right now?  I’ll report back next week with my intention and a bit of a plan.

You can always start now!


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