Just by accident I have a post! Oh and a challenge

I am fortunate enough to have the central library and public gardens within walking distance of work.  It is easy to get to both and enjoy on my lunch hour.  A few weeks ago I treated myself to an ice coffee during McDonald’s dollar drinks.   It was beautiful out so I headed up the street and into the public gardens.

I found a bench in the shade and started on my “to do” list for the next few days and weekend.  I am a list person and I’m more focused when I have it in writing down.  So always have one or two lists on the go ALL the time.

Sitting there I looked up (mainly as my neck needed the stretch) and thought oh the trees and sky look so pretty from this angle.  Looking down not as pretty but still interesting.  I realized I would have missed that tree/sky view if I hadn’t needed the stretch.  That got me thinking of looking up and down – that lead to a blog post.

So I’m challenging myself to look up. I mean up as in the back of head is parallel to the ground.  Also look straight down.  To make things more interesting I’m going to zoom in to at least 3 x.  I’ll post on Instagram.  Going to use #upanddownviews.  Would love for anyone to join!

You can always start now!


9 thoughts on “Just by accident I have a post! Oh and a challenge

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    Like you, I also need lists and I love the up/down idea! I remember when I started doing it in town more because I’d realised I’d never really looked up at the buildings, and I started seeing so much new stuff I’d never noticed before. Joy in the small things! I hope the week is kind to you lovely.

    Caz xx


  2. terrigardner1 says:

    What an interesting idea and I just might try that in my garden. Before I retired, I always told my art students that they needed to really see how things were and not how their brain thought they were-this is a good exercise. Bravo!


  3. Cheryl says:

    I’m also a list person, I think we’re many! I often look up, but not usually as ‘up’ as you did for this post! I must remember to start looking up more often. I do look down a lot, as I don’t have a car so I walk everywhere. I often see beautiful little insects on the footpath, which is lovely as they always look so busy and in control of their lives! 🙂


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