My back in time creative leap

Two weeks ago I challenge myself to a creative leap.  This post will fill in some background.  Fast summary to go back in time and describe a place and/or experience..

April six years ago I met my sister in Arizona.  We live on opposite coasts in Canada. Four hour time difference so even talking on the phone has to be planned out a bit.  We picked this spot as new to each of us.   We started in Phoenix and ended up in Sedona – plus few other places.

I live on the water and love it.  I can see the narrows (part of our harbour) from my bus  stop.  I love the sounds of the oceans – waves crashing.  I had been in the desert  setting before and loved it so was looking forward to this.  There is something about opposites for me.  The vegetation, the dryness, earth and architecture all so different than home.

It was April the temperature was perfect.  I could wear summer clothes , it wasn’t  humid so good walking weather. My sister found a bar in Phoenix which became our local as good happy hour.  Love the vegetation. The cacti. I was stunned at how large some of the species can grow.  Also how resilient plants are in all conditions. The red earth and dryness and voila big cacti dotting the sidewalks.

Sedona was incredible. To be able to walk amongst the red rocks and towers. I felt embraced when I looked up and around. It is such a different experience than looking down or across.  You can touch the rocks, feel the heat off them.  I could have sat and looked at the red towers for hours.

Arizona and Sedona in particular was so different than home.  But at the same time I had a similar experience to home.  At home I can listen to the waves crash and feel entranced by the sound and the water.  In Sedona I felt the same way being amongst the red towers and vegetation.  Safe, calm and present.  I felt I was just where I was suppose to be by the water/coast and desert.

It is funny how opposite places can evoke the same feelings.  That is why we should be open to different experiences and not write anything off because it doesn’t fit into what we currently find beautiful or calm.  Feelings are hard to explain and the reason why so I’m just going to go with them.

You can always start now!


7 thoughts on “My back in time creative leap

  1. msomerville2014 says:

    I haven’t been to Arizona, love your descriptions of things and I can appreciate the opposites. For years I have said, the mountains have one kind of beauty and the ocean/beach a different kind. Rediscovering the beauty of the beach, my beach especially, has fueld my writing, but I have lived in the foothills and mountains of Pennsylvania for 34 years. Glad I do not have to make a choice! Very happy for you and your sister to plan and take on this adventure. Best and blessings, Michele


  2. Rebecca Moon Ruark says:

    Sedona is amazing! You do it justice with your description. I too don’t know if I could live so far from a large body of water. But it’s nice to think about. I lived in Phoenix for a few months as a young adult and was able to visit Sedona, Flagstaff, Tempe, and the Grand Canyon a couple times (anything to get out of Phoenix!). It was fun, but I couldn’t hack the heat!


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