When should you pull back?

Blogging is a community I fell into and now can’t think of living without. Both other bloggers and readers interacting with each other in a positive, supportive fashion. Love it.

So  as I struggle with something I wanted to put it out there and see what the greater community thinks.  Two or more heads are always better than one.  Here is my question for you.

I am a fixer.  If someone has a problem or wants to discuss an opportunity, whatever I’m there. I’ll brain-storm, research and listen to understand. Ask questions if unsure and question your decisions if I’m not sure where you are going.

Currently I’m in a situation with a person that doesn’t want to be “fixed”.  Oh they mouth they want help but never follow through with suggestions from anyone and don’t take responsibility for the decisions they make.  Short answer they are a victim.  It has been hard as this has been an ongoing problem for months.  Help offered, nodding of head, yeah get it, okay for a short period of time (sort of) and wham back to square one again. Nothing changes and again everyone ielse s responsible for situations/mood and life.

Yes, I know this is a difficult and unprecedented time and people are struggling. This hasn’t helped but neither is it the core problem.  What I want to ask is when is it enough?  I don’t want to give up on anyone but again I feel battered at times.  At the moment I am stepping back to take care of myself. I’m not giving up but feel I need to get my space back to stay positive and create the life I want. Some days I feel I am drowning along side with her.

I would love to start a conversation. Do you have any tips for dealing with people struggling and not taking the help/suggestions given. At what point do you decide not to go down with the ship?  Is taking time away to regroup right thing? Am I leaving them hanging?

Thanks for giving me a safe place to share – which is one of the positive things about blogging for me .  Plus putting thoughts on down helps.

You can always start!



3 thoughts on “When should you pull back?

  1. No really advice. But I think sometimes people are scared to do anything about their situation because they are worried about change. They like to talk through problems and options and hope for something, but don’t always want it.


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