Creative Leap – Back in Time

At the beginning of the year I decided to try something new.  Check this post for the start of the journey.

Think back to a time and place that captured your attention.  Describe it.  The weather, smells, colours, maybe the reason you were there.  What made it special?  If you close your eyes can you conjure up more details? What clothes were you wearing.  Was it too hot? Too cold?  Do you still have these clothes in your closet?  Who was there with you?

If you are a writer is this a scene you could tap into? Create a story around?  I’ll report back in two weeks my memory.  PS I’m not good at remembering smells but I’ll try.

As part of my creative leaps I am learning about Chakras and taking you along for the journey. I’m on the 4th Chakra known as the heart Chakra or Anahata.  This Chakra (energy centre one of seven) is located in the middle of the chest at the level of the nipples.  It is represented by the color green.  This Chakra is love and compassion.  “I love”  The heart Chakra manifests itself through compassion, kindness, service and love.

Check this post for details on the seven Chakras and what they represent.

You can always start now



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