Just doing it! Checking a box

2020  has been surreal. I had high hopes for the year. Then the world went to crap and wham we’re in self isolation.  I continued working during the pandemic so that routine didn’t change.  It was more staying at home once I walked through the door.

I enjoy my time at home. Alone.  The biggest problem I had for three months was the library wasn’t open. So  I started re-reading books from my bookcase.  It was a good chance to visit old favoriates and also decide some books could to passed along to another loving home.  I love travel and that was always been a big part of my life. My vacations consist of leaving the country!  So 2020 that is not happening.

I am a list person and always mulling around in my head what if, should I, could I.  Since I’m trying to limit regrets I figured 2020 should count for something. No flights to purchase, hotels to book, restaurants or events/museums entrance fees.

I have listened to Jen Carrington   and Sara Tasker for a few years now. Both do creative coaching and I have always thought that would be neat to try.  So I bit the bullet in May and hired a creative coach. Time frame four months, four Zoom calls and of course homework.  I knew Estelle from SHE Quest so already had a connection there.

We are exploring creativity.  Started by purchasing large paper and pastels and charcoal. Not overthinking it. I’m on the floor as the paper is that big. I hadn’t worked with pastels before but I’m enjoying them.  How soft they are.  My favorite part is the smudging of the colors. How it softens the colors and spreads them across the page. I have let the colours move across the page, smudging, use another color. All good.  Just be prepared for colorful hands.

Also exploring where we get our ideas about being creative.  Who and what has influenced us.  Hence short answer journaling.  Other project was 21 days of painting (or pastels and/or charcoal) of women and power.  Explored women’s strength, compassion, abundance and magic.  I’m someone who likes a project.  The 21 days of painting gave me the idea to create my own oracle cards.  I’m using the words strength, compassion, abundance and magic for some my cards. They are not earth shattering but it is neat to paint and write what that word means to me on the back.

I want to make the most out of 2020.  So creative coaching is checking a box for me.  Is there anything you have always thought about but haven’t made that leap?  Maybe 2020 is the time. Is there anything you could do at home or local that would check a box for you? Mull it over and make 2020 work for you.

You can always start now!


9 thoughts on “Just doing it! Checking a box

  1. gemmaorton says:

    I love the idea of this! As you know I enjoy art, crafts and being creative. I’m so glad you’ve found a way to use some of your extra time to explore these ideas. I loved oil pastel at college and uni.


  2. Rebecca Moon Ruark says:

    You are really making the most of your at-home creative time. I’m impressed! I haven’t written as much as I’ve wanted to, this year. I really would love to have the house to myself to think, but that hasn’t happened since early March. I do feel I’ve been creative, however–even if passively. I’ve read a lot, done a couple writing workshops, written a tiny bit of poetry (one might call it!), blogged, and worked (freelance writing for organizations). I definitely feel some anxiety around writing what I need to be writing. I can see how trying different creative outlets–working with pastels seems almost soothing!–might ease my anxiety around creating.


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