Creative Leap – my walking map

A few months ago I decided to challenge myself to creative leaps. Nothing earth shattering. Just different ideas rolling around in my head.  I post the first Wednesday of the month my leap and post the results two weeks later.

On July 1st I decided I wanted to do a map.  Check the post here.  First I thought I’d map out my morning routine, but mulling it over it would have been too many back and forth.  So decided to map my walk home from work.

The heart is home.  The the street with the dotted line lines the length of the peninsula this part of the city is on. I could walk straight down it and turn right and left and be home.  I don’t as it is busy and I want to walk with less traffic.

The commons is a large green space.  When we hosted the Canadian Games the city built an oval for speed skating. See map just above the Hospital.  It is extremely popular in the winter and summer when people skate on concrete.

When I turn off the busy street I start angling myself  north-east.  The harbour is to the right of the map.  One of my favorite areas to walk is the Hydrostone.  The last third of my I walk by the park on my right.  Below.

On my right is the hydrostone area.  Built around 1920s.  Row houses with tree-lined boulevards.  I think it is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city.

The map isn’t to scale.  It was fun to draw and decide what to include to showcase my walking route home.  It also made me appreciate how fortunate I am to have a city I enjoy and am comfortable walking.

You can always start now!



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