What caught my eye in the past month!

First Monday of a new month and the year now half over. WHAT!!  I enjoy these posts as nothing serious and mainly eye candy. Hope something captures your eye!

I thought of my friend Wanda when I saw this apartment. It combines vintage and second-hand finds (something she loves). Head over to Apartment Therapy to check out the whole apartment. I think it looks warm and happy.

I love a good book.  Know I am dating myself but I remember these cards in the back of library books.  Thought a cute craft plus a bookmark!  Head to A Beautiful Mess  for DIY.

I enjoy podcasts and have been listening to letters from a hopeful creative since they started. This is the latest (at time of posting this) podcast.  Check them all out as different topics and maybe something you might be struggling with.

10 Super Cute DIY Ideas For Your Backyard

The Wonderforest  shows us some DIY for outdoor spaces.   Good variety of ideas.

But I smile anyway  gives us what she has been reading and a review. Summer reads anyone!!

Check out  Apartment Therapy  where they give us 54 items we should be tossing (or goodwill if possible).

Would love to hear what caught your eye in the past month!

You can always start now!



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