What I do isn’t going to make a difference……this is a rant

I had to shake my head recently when I heard someone I respect say “what I do isn’t going to make a difference.”    The issue would have meant spending more time and energy on the alternative. The alternative would have been better for the environment.  But no, it required more time and energy than this person wanted to put into it.

I would have had more respect if they had said “I don’t have the time or energy to do this.”  But the excuse of “what I do isn’t going to make a difference.”, rattled me enough to write a post on it.  This  is why nothing changes and we have an environment crying out.  Yeah, what one person does might not make a difference but one person, add one person, add one person and if we all make a change that makes a difference.

So don’t say the words “what I do isn’t going to make a difference”.  Because in my book it screams lazy and indifferent to the global situation.  If everyone takes this attitude we are screwed.  One person does make a difference as it adds up. Every person makes a difference when they choose to do the extra work for betterment of the global community.

For me that statement puts the indivudal in the category of the problem.  Lazy and about them.  What I do doesn’t make a difference.  Yeah, I get that. You and every other person who is lazy and indifferent to take the time and energy to make better choices.

At least be honest – I don’t want to take the time and energy to make the change.  Don’t say what you do doesn’t make a difference as that smack (to me) of the problem we have globally now.   Big breath.

We can make a difference when we make positive choices.  I appreciate some of them take more time, money and energy. I really do. And those are often commodities in short supply.  But what about baby steps in a positive direction.  First baby step change attitude on making a difference. We do.  We all do. One person at a time.  It is the only way forward.

You can always start now!


10 thoughts on “What I do isn’t going to make a difference……this is a rant

  1. Great post! And a worth while rant – every single person does make a difference, each little ripple makes the change, and you are right if we all took this view (which I think too many do) we will never make BIG or small change!


  2. Rant away, it’s justified! The world is made up of individuals and if we all thought that then the world would be a terrifying place. I can relate to this quote in term of access too. One small shop thinking access to them for the very few customers that need it won’t make a difference. Imagine if we all went with that.


  3. A woman i knew with time and money used to say she didn’t recycle because she didn’t believe in the future. Of course, it was more about doing the work to try a new behavior. I understand the frustration when the onus seems to be on individuals instead of corporations, but individual effort can make a difference. Even if it’s only in modeling behaviors for others.


    1. I would have lost my mind if someone said that to me “about the future.” As if maybe not for you but what about the rest of us? That was totally about laziness and selfishness. Sorry don’t know lady but that would have set me off also! I hope you don’t feel I’m a lose cannon (well at least not all the time) Thanks for visiting and always love comments/takes!

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