Creative Leap – My Escape Capsule or well carry-on!

Two weeks ago I challenged myself to write what I would take if I had 12 hours to get out of the house and not come back.  Check this  link  to read the creative leap challenge.

I have been travelling for a few years with a carry-on.  So clothes wise I’m pretty good at getting enough outfits in there to last 10-14 days.  But this is an escape capsule I am packing.

I would spend the first hour or two going through pictures and making a small photo album to take. After that I would take pictures of items that mean something to me on my phone.  That bunny my cousin gave me when I visited her in Horham a life time ago. My mother’s African violets I have been keeping alive.  My dot cloth painting from Australia – hmm…. Maybe I could roll that into the bag.  I’ll lay it next to the carry-on just in case I have room.

Needless to say phone and chargers are in the bag. Comfy and clothes I can layer are packed. I’m not attached to my clothes. I’d take t-shirts, sweater, comfy pants and  a pair of black dress pants (goodness knows what for!).  There would be a blank journal and pens in the bag. Along with a book to read. I know I’d be debating taking books with me. Like Big Magic and The Artist’s Way.  I’d place them on the floor “just in case”.

When I travel I put all my liquids (toothpaste, soap, lotions etc) in a zip-lock bag in the front pouch of the carry-on so that is taken care of.  I’ll be wearing heavier items like my runners and jeans.  Just before heading out I’d grab granola bars and a piece of fruit.

As I was thinking what I’d take or leave , I thought maybe we all should have a small photo album of special pictures. Pictures of grandparents, family/friends and special events.  An album to take out when feeling we need a pick-me up.   Another thought was special pictures (not just a UBS) in your safe. I know this is just a creative leap but seriously we don’t know if we would have access to electricity and I think having those pictures to look at in our hands might be the calming sense of home we need.

My three top items to take would be the photo album, phone and paper/pen.  Yeah I now the phone could be useless but…..

What would be in your escape bag that was non-negotiable?

You can always start now!


4 thoughts on “Creative Leap – My Escape Capsule or well carry-on!

  1. Rebecca Moon Ruark says:

    Photos, for sure. One book–probably Ross Gay’s THE BOOK OF DELIGHTS, which I can read over and over and his delights act as prompts for my own. Paper and pen. Maybe one sarong– I’d be going someplace tropical where I wouldn’t need much more!


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