What do you collect?

Justine over at  the tea chest  and I were discussing collections recently.  So we thought we ‘d share and hopefully encourage you to share yours.  As I’m nosy and would love to see what people collect!  Terri over at meadow tree style  joined in – you have to see what she collects!

I can’t remember why I started collecting angels.  I think because they were small and I could purchase on my travels.  As soon as I made that decision I had a hard time finding angels while I was travelling. Sigh.  The blue one is from Venice and Murano glass.  The angel at the far right is from my niece when she was little. She decided it looked like her.

When people found out I was collecting angels I started receiving them as gifts.  The glass balance one is from a friend (blue flowers on her). The lone sitting next to her is from my mother.  The red stain-glass one in the back I purchased at a craft show at home..

So I don’t have many from my travels, which was sort of the purpose of the collection to begin with. I do have memories of people gifting them to me.. My friend because balance is what I needed at the time. My mom loved blue note the trim on her dress is blue and so is the butterfly.

The location of my collection is the top shelf of bookcase in my bedroom. This post had me truly seeing them for the first time in a while.  They had become part of the furniture! To take the pictures I moved some to bring them closer together.  Remembering who gave this one and that one. Oh the red one in the back is from my sister.

So thank you Justine as it was a stroll down memory lane. I haven’t gotten a new angel in years so maybe I have to keep my eyes open. As it would be neat to say “oh that one I got for blogging.”

Would love to hear what you collect and why.   My mom collected salt and pepper shakers. A friend and neighbor travel spoons.

You can always start now!


21 thoughts on “What do you collect?

  1. Lutheran Liar says:

    I miss my collecting days! As a person who (once the godawful pandemic passes and I’m allowed to finish the renovations and move already!) is in the midst of serious downsizing — 1500 square feet into 500 — I not only no longer collect things, I’ve been getting rid of things big time. I used to collect snow globes. I would buy one at some touristy shop in every city I was sent to shoot a TV commercial. I had London and Rome and Sidney as well as more obscure ones from places like Flagstaff, Arizona. Sigh.


    1. You Can Always Start Now says:

      That is major downsizing! I hope you took pictures of some of your collections for memories. I can see snow globes being a neat collection – like thimbles they seem to be around. We are slowly opening up here. June 5th restaurants opened at 50%. Hope your renovations start moving.


  2. Rebecca Moon Ruark says:

    Fun–and beautiful. I collect books, I guess, but we also have a nice collection of Christmas tree ornaments. That’s what my mom collected when she (infrequently) traveled, so we got those. I like to collect small pieces of visual art when I travel, but that doesn’t happen much either–especially now! As a girl, I had a dollhouse and collected all the little furniture to go inside–that was fun. A lot of babysitting money went to decorating that house in style!


    1. You Can Always Start Now says:

      Books oh yes I definitely collect those too! When I was in my twenties I collected Christmas tree ornaments so have some cute ones from craft shows. Yes, I like to purchase a piece of art when I travel. Have found beautiful cards I have framed from Ireland. It is nice to look around and see things that have resonated with us and give us memories. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. terrigardner1 says:

    Hello, it nice to view your collection. I think you find out a little about a person by just seeing what they collect. I am a collector at heart and also have a small statue collection, but of sheep (I also have four real ones at the moment). Take care and stay safe. Terri


    1. You Can Always Start Now says:

      Sheep! That is a cool collections – mingled with the real ones. I loved your collection of bags! Very jealous. Your right you do find out a bit more about someone from their collection. Thanks for visiting and participating.


  4. Janet Givens says:

    Oh my, you have hit a button with this one Brenda. You know what I collect? Two things, neither so delicate or whimsical or special, I assure you. I cannot throw away a rubber band. I keep them on my kitchen window sill in a small pewter dish. I also cannot throw away those little plastic thingys that keep plastic bags closed. You know, the ones on bread bags and such? I’ve been collecting them for years. YEARS! And the initial reason (someone was doing an art project with them) is long over. Yet I cannot toss them in the trash. Recycle doesn’t want them. What to do? You’re clever. Could you use them? I’ll mail them up.


    1. You Can Always Start Now says:

      Reading and thinking oh no this might be me! I don’t collect the plastic bag tabs but yeah to rubber bands. Reading it and thinking oh some of those are in the drawer where zip-lock bags are. My mother had a dog ornament you could put pens in the back. She put her rubber bands around his neck. That was my first thought when I read your collection! Hope you are doing okay. Say hi to your mom. We just opened restaurants to 50% June 5th. New normal.

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  5. Wanda Mulley says:

    I love your angel collection and how each has a story. I have many collections,,all of them are of vintage items. I’ve always coveted Vintage Fiestaware and only in the last few years have I started to collect it. It’s a small collection but every time I add a new piece, I feel exhilarated. Just this past weekend I added three pieces to my collection and only spent $6.50 – And trust me that’s an incredible bargain…. I squealed with delight when I found the pieces, a small water pitcher and two coffee mugs 😁😁😁


  6. gemmaorton says:

    A great collection, I love the wooden looking ones. I’ve collected various things I’ve of which is anything related to cake. I appreciate them all, but found that I got so many cake shaped things over the years it become overwhelming!


  7. Anya Abraham says:

    first off, I love your collection. It’s a rather unusual one to me and so fascinating to see.
    Just recently I’d done a post on the collections of my sister. I love love collecting books but thats only because I love reading them.
    Boring much ?


      1. Anya Abraham says:

        I see your point. I’ve suddenly been so very interested in self help books off late and I thoroughly enjoy it and terribly surprised that I was late by so many years.
        Love the blog btw “:)


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