Creative Leap #4 – Escape Capsule

If you have been following along you know I give a creative leap or challenge on the first Wednesday of the month.  I post my response two weeks later on Wednesday – for better or worst.  Head over to  here to read more background on why I started.

This month’s leap is:   you have less than 12 hours to gather together items to fit into one piece of carry-on luggage.  So approximately height 55 cm, depth 23  and width 50 cm.  Or 21.5 x 9 x 15.5 inches.  What would you bring and the reason behind some of your choices.  What are your top three non-negotiable items?

I’ll report back with my full carry-on in two weeks.

As part of my creative leaps I’m also exploring Chakras.  This month is the third Chakra Manipura.  Also know as the solar plexus chakra.  This Chakra is represented by the colour yellow and governs wisdom/power.  It is the centre of personal power and commitment and if unbalanced will manifest emotions of anger, greed, shame or despair.  The mantra is “I control”.  Concentrate on the colour yellow and feel your power and accomplish your goals.

You can always start now!



5 thoughts on “Creative Leap #4 – Escape Capsule

  1. Ah, accomplish goals. Seems to get tougher every day! I did write just a little bit in my novel-in-progress the other day, so that’s something. At the last writers’ retreat I went to I packed all the wrong things–well, lots of snacks–and none of the right ones. I was up half the night because of the sounds of a very close-by train and the sun coming in the window very early in the morning. I will never again travel without a sleep mask and ear plugs–easy to fit in your carry-on!


    1. Oh those are good things to pack which I never thought of ear plugs and sleep mask. Glad to hear you wrote a bit of your novel-in-progress. Every bit moves it forward. I set a goal of review/edit a novel for the month. For me it is booking it into my schedule and treating it seriously like I would it I committed to a friend.

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