Stop and reflect now

I had a post planned for today. I even had it completed in draft.  But things changed and I felt moved to write this.

It is Sunday afternoon and I’m sitting on the balcony.  First time this season.  Just brought the table and chairs up from storage. The sun feels good and I know my mood has improved by having a string of sunny days.

The government has opened up parks and beaches.  The mall is opened with limited stores and limited customers per store.  I know people are itching to get out.  Change of scenery as good as a rest, I remember my mother quoting from somewhere.

My wish is that people don’t let all the sacrifices we have made in the past two months go out the window with good weather and an easy of restrictions. This isn’t over.

Yes to taking advantage of the good weather and connecting with family and friends safely but please don’t screw this up people.

I know it has been hard, but there are lessons learned here.  People can work from home.  Zoom and Skype meetings are productive.  We can use apps creatively to connect with people. Events like paint night, movies and trivia are taking place via the Internet.  We are often connecting as a group which we haven’t before.

I hope we don’t lose these creative outlets when we can get out more. Do you feel you have elyonnected more with certain individuals because of pandemic restrictions? Are there people away you have seen more of because you have been home? Hence called more?

What about entertainment. Have you discovered a new hobby. A friend discovered diamond paintings.  Have you taken advantage of free or not online classes? What about concerts?

I guess knowing I have a few more options outside my front door has gotten me thinking of what I have been doing the past two months.

What I want is for us to reflect on the positives that have come out  of this. Different ways of working and teaching.  Creative ways to connect. People offering free classes and music. To reflect on what we want to take forward and become the new normal.

Things might not go back to what they were and some people are saying they are fine with that.  What we have control of is how we dealt with this and are still dealing with it.

What have we learned, enjoyed and perhaps don’t want to let go of moving forward. It is time to start reflecting on what we are going to keep or let go.

Also common sense people. An ease of restrictions doesn’t mean party central.  This is not over.  We are in this together.  Now how are we moving forward?

You can always start now!



12 thoughts on “Stop and reflect now

  1. Wise words, and too true.
    The beaches and parks opened here a couple of weeks ago, with no limit on how long you can leave the house. Way too soon in my opinion. People took advantage and went crazy with their freedom, beaches were crowded and security had to be put in place. Still not enough is being done and I worry we will go backwards.


    1. We are having that also. Beaches were opened and the weather was nice and BOOM overcrowding. Again people not physical distancing and taking this seriously enough. I wish people had more common sense and stopped and thought of this as world-wide not just how it impacts them.

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      1. Definitely. Sometimes it’s every man/woman for themselves. They forget their movements can harm others. Common sense is a bit scarce right now for some.


      2. We are just opening up restaurants this Friday (June 5th) but only is we can physical distance so maybe less than 50% capacity. Will be interesting to see how the weekend goes! Hope people use common sense for sure!!!


  2. Yes, Memorial Day is already coming back to bite us. Twenty states have had an uptick in Covid this week. Fortunately, I’m a pretty creative person and have sewing and knitting projects to last me into the next decade. You put in words what a lot of us are thinking.
    Take care & stay safe.


  3. This is a good post. People are going out of their minds with everything opening up. There are much more important things happening in the world then going to the club and getting haircuts. But to each his own. Keep things in perspective. 🔥💯💯


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