Photo Scavenger Hunt

Two weeks ago I gave myself a creative photo challenge.   Here is some background of my photo scavenger hunt.  Fast summary the first Wednesday of the month I’m giving myself a creative leap.  It could be anything from taking pictures to writing.  Come over and join me.

We are still in COVID-19 social isolation so nothing open.  The majority of my pictures were taken going or coming home from work. Life as I know it.

Take a picture of my shadow was on the list.  This was taken waiting for the bus. Wish my legs were that long and no I don’t have a tail.

I have lovely afternoon and evening sun stream through my balcony door and windows. What I don’t have is a view of the sunset.   For this I had to head out and claim a spot at the back of the next building.  My greatest fear was someone pounding on their bedroom window for me to move along.  Didn’t happen.   You can’t see it but there is water there.

Saw this on a lawn walking home and knew it was my unexpected shot.  It made me smile and I hadn’t seen one in decades (not exaggerating).

On the scavenger post was a list of pictures I thought I’d try and take.  Something to climb was on the list. When I saw this tree I knew it. The branches are thick and not too far from the ground. Can you see yourself climbing this?

Had to keep reminding myself I had pictures to take.

You can always start now!




4 thoughts on “Photo Scavenger Hunt

  1. Wanda Mulley

    Your post inspired me . I was out for a walk last weekend and saw thus big beautiful tree on the edge of a farmers field, the next thing you know I’m ten feet off the ground enjoying myself climbing a tree lol


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