Hitting a wall

We are into the two month mark since the province declared a state of emergency for COVID-19.  The majority of places  are closed except pharmacies and grocery stores.  People are working from home (not me).  Parking garage at work empty.  Social distancing and isolation.  Government  opened up parks last weekend and this weekend we can “bubble” with another family if we are mutually exclusive.  Never thought I’d hear those words together with family.

I have been going to work for the past two months so socializing there as we worked to get things in place for COVID-19 when it hit.  The weather hasn’t been great which never helps even when not in a  pandemic .  We’ve had snow in May.  Just saying.

In May I feel I have hit a wall.   The past year I have managed to pull a weekly post together.  Maybe not earth shattering but I have put it out there.  Now I am struggling with what to do and say.  How to express myself and find the energy to sit and write.  I didn’t post last Monday and now it is Sunday and OMG I don’t have a post again!

I decided to write this post to put it out there that it is okay to be struggling right now.  We are in unprecedented times.  The majority of the world is on lock down.  Our cases of COVID-19 are going down and things like parks are opening but social distancing and isolation are still a daily fact of life.

So deep breath. It is okay to be not okay. There is nothing wrong with us.  Hitting a wall is just that. I’m still me and I will be okay.  We have to be gentle with ourselves. Not put added pressure on to do more than we can right now.   Look around and see what can we do. Curl up with a book. Sit in the sun.  Be gentle with ourselves.

For me it was rolling into May. The start of another month of social isolation.  Work is fine and I am Skyping friends. We have a four pm Saturday date.  I have projects to do.  It is just gathering the energy to start.   So I’m working on being gentle with myself – not setting expectations I might not meet right now.

I am okay.  We are okay.  Deep breath.  Be gentle. We are in this together.

You can always start now!


9 thoughts on “Hitting a wall

  1. natalienymark says:

    I agree, I feel like I am hitting a wall, EVERYONE wants things to be “normal” again but what is “normal” and we won’t ever get back there I’m sure. I agree it is ok to not be ok, but it is still hard to accept, especially when you have others depending on you, at home, or work, or friends.
    This is hard and it shouldn’t be something that we pretend is easy.


  2. gemmaorton says:

    It’s a difficult time. Like nothing any of us have ever experienced or ever considered we would. However each one of us feels best to cope is what we should do. I’m crafting, chatting with friends and getting out in the garden when possible. It’s ok to stumble now again.


    1. You Can Always Start Now says:

      It is okay to stumble now and again. I think the weather didn’t help and lack of reading materials (my mysteries) has been hard. They are my go to escape. Hope now that weather seems to be improving getting out will be my balm. It has been over two months of social isolation here. I’m glad you are crafting and chatting. Enjoying seeing your #the100dayproject!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. gemmaorton says:

        Yes I think we are on week 9. It’s been long but surprisingly quick too. I’m enjoying reading through the library app, where you can borrow ebooks.


  3. The Tea Chest ♥ says:

    Great post and super important too. Good on you for recognising that it is OK not to be OK and looking after you. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so relax in that bath, read that book, and drink that tea ♥


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