What caught my eye in the past month

We have rolled into another month on self isolation.   The province declared state of emergency on March 22.   Businesses, day cares, schools, theaters, libraries, restaurants and parks closed.  People working from home – some hallways at work are in the dark!  Buses are free as we enter through the back door.  A different life.  Yesterday the government lifted ban on parks  if we continue to say two meters apart.

That said below is what caught my eye in the past month.  Hope something catches yours!


This caught my eye by the title alone Leanne Ford playroom idea.   I’m not giving the title away you have to pop in and see why it caught my eye.  Huge hint is the picture above.

Apartment Therapy  has an article on how COVID-19 will change the way we build homes.  One  way is mudrooms and entry ways  will become more important.

Daily Dream Decor  takes us into a motor home you have to see to believe.

Here are 18 podcast to listen to while we are at home.  Visit the every girl.

A beautiful mess  shows us their favorite accent walls.  I think the one above is doable along with a few others.

Kerry life and loves  had me drooling over these  eco-hotels in the UK..

So that is it for me this month.  Hope everyone is doing okay.  We are all in this together.

You can always start now!





10 thoughts on “What caught my eye in the past month

    1. I think people are being creative. Using apps to gather people for a family night. Starting projects you might not have tried. I’ve always like to work with my hands and have a project or two on the go. Hope you and your family are safe and taking advantage of the pause.

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  1. MyTheElizabeth

    Yes I also believe that the way we live life in our own home, apartment, condo, etc has now taken a pivotal point. Stunning graphics by the way. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I was trying to find out the hint. Mother holding baby in the picture. Below written I love ever.. ha ha . Could not make out. Yes our lifestyle will face a drastic change all over the world.


  3. Oh the fridge in that motorhome is beautiful!

    I am dreaming of the travel again, I’m right now focused on where I can travel in the province when things open up but international travel is calling my heart!


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