Gather and compose now. A Scavenger hunt

We think we have time.  I’ll do it next week.  When I finish this project.  That is a retirement project. I am sure you can add more easily.  We have grand ideas to make scrapbooks of children, grandchildren and/or special events.  To gather family history.  I’ll record dad when I get the chance.  Then it happens.  You don’t get the chance.  Life can go to shit. Period.

So, here we are with time on our hands during a world-wide pandemic.  We are trying to flatten the curve by staying home. Doing our part, but it is hard.  Some of us might not be used to being home this much.  Are you getting itchy feet or other body parts?  I get it and I love being home and alone.

If this is the case why don’t we have a scavenger hunt?  Gather ours families together and make a list of things we want to know about family.  Start with grand-parents or parents first .  Where did they go on their first date? What was the first thing  they noticed about  each other? What is your mother’s favorite song?  What was your grandparents and/or parents song at their wedding?  Favoriate vacation and why?  Why does uncle X do that or this?  Ask people what they were doing during historic events.  This is wide open.

The best thing about this is that it can be done during a pandemic.  We can Facetime. Call. Create a family Zoom date.  Have something positive come out of being home.  This is the perfect time for this type of activity. People are want to connect and what better way than to collect memories.

So start your list. Maybe divide it up. One person takes mom, another dad, someone else grandparents.  Don’t forget to ask each other questions and record.  Come back and share what you have found out.  Plan how you are going to record and share your information.  Maybe take and collect pictures along the way. What about an audio recording?

Now is the time. Not later. Not when we finish this or that.  Definitely not when we retire. Not later this year.  We have no idea who will be around “later this year”.  Start it now. We created this during COVID-19.  Have a look. It is pretty incredible.

You can always start now!



15 thoughts on “Gather and compose now. A Scavenger hunt

  1. We are having family meetings via Zoom, I’m doing exercises daily with my mother and sister in other states by Zoom, and I’m staying in touch with family daily. I love your idea of a scavenger hunt too!


  2. kimsdiytribe

    This is SO true!!! I have enjoyed the down time so far as no one I know or love is sick. I am or would be somewhat of a hermit by choice if I didn’t have bills to pay so this little look at retirement has been a nice reprieve from my way too busy work load. I’ve done many of the things that I have been putting off “until there was time”. I planted my garden, I’ve built flower towers, I have crafted and baked and cooked new things. I have researched ideas and information that I wanted to know more about. The only thing I haven’t done was start working out consistently. But, that’s the next thing I’m adding now that I have caught up with organizing and cleaning my household which feels amazing.


    1. I keep telling people find a project. At the end of this have something to show for it. Like you said great time to bake, try a new hobby, yes to organizing. We are not going to get this time back so make it worthwhile. Thanks for visiting.


  3. houndsofsilence

    I love digging into my ancestry. I’ve talked with every member of my family that is still living. I wish I had the chance to talk with my grandparents. That would have been an interesting conversation. I have records and pictures of my ancestors from long ago. It’s been a beautiful journey.

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    1. I agree. I think we wait and think we have time, but as this world-wide pandemic proves we have no idea what is coming down the tubes. It would be a good time to sit and ask questions, go through pictures – a positive for 2020 You are ahead of the rest of us. Have you started writing down your memories for future generations?


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