Creative Leap – view from home

My creative challenge this month was easy. Take a picture from somewhere I enjoy a beverage (of my choice!).  Second part  was to explain a few things in the picture.  This  post  explains  a bit more in detail my creative leaps

This view is from the corner of my bedroom.  I am lucky to have a large enough room for a comfy chair in the corner near the window.  On the other side of the bed, not in the picture, is my desk.  The painting almost in the centre is a paint-by-numbers.  I was off over Christmas holidays and wanted something different to do.  It took me longer then I thought to finish.  I enjoyed it and would do another one.

The pictures on the wall are cross-stitch flowers.  I found the first pattern in a cross-stitch magazine at the library years ago.   I had to keep going back to find the back issues and I think wait for the last one to be published.  They are simple  designs.  I like as shots of colour.

An easy stay at home challenge. The beverage I usually have is coffee on weekend mornings.  Next to the chair I have a table so I am all set.

Hope to see your view from your chair!

You can always start now!



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