You might not be ready – not an excuse

I’m getting so many nuggets from Big Dreams Daily Joys by Elise Blaha Cripe.   This  nugget is about “stop waiting until you’re ready.”  Yep, just start.  She uses the example of a child learning to walk.  Lots of trial and error.  Success, falls, cry and back at it.  Children do not decided today is the day I’m walking and get up and do it!  No they try it again and again.

So why do we feel that to start something new we have to be expects at it? Or if we don’t know how to do it  we can’t start.  Hmm… isn’t that part of the process? Learning to do it by starting to do it.  Failing and restarting it again with more knowledge than we had before.  Taking what we have learnt and incorporating that into the next round?  Not worrying about step nine before we start step one.

Any class we take – dance, pottery, Nordic walking  we have to start as beginners. We have to be okay not knowing how to finish step five. To fail at step two.  To learn and start again. This is sort of another form of perfectionism. If  we can’t do it perfectly what is the point. The point is the majority of us can’t do it perfectly so does that mean we don’t take the chance and start?  So we don’t take a pottery class. A dance class. A computer science class.  Because….. we’re not perfect.  OMG correct we’re not.

So don’t let not knowing how to do step five or nine stop you from starting step one.  Being unprepared is okay and part of learning.  It doesn’t matter is we don’t know all the steps we will learn along the way, but only it we start.

You can always start now!


23 thoughts on “You might not be ready – not an excuse

  1. sahaankita450 says:

    I have always thought about this – that children are the true examples of fearlessness. And that if we need to be childlike in order to get things done.

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    • You Can Always Start Now says:

      I think just realizing falling and/or failure is okay. That is it part of the process and not something to be feared. To accept that it will happen as it is suppose to and that is okay. I hope that made sense!! Thanks for visiting.


  2. saltpepper40 says:

    Yes that true, if we think we can or we cannot we won’t. be able to do that task. Things happen naturally we just need concentration. I loved the example of a child how he learns to work and very true there is no age to learn anything. It just waits for us to start.


    • You Can Always Start Now says:

      I do think we have to change our relationship to failure. To make it part of the process not the end result. Turn it into a learning moment. Failure gives us something to work with – again part of the process. Oh life would be easier to have it as a friend.

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  3. Rebecca Moon Ruark says:

    I wrote about this very thing recently. With writing, I know that I can’t wait for the “muse” before I start. I just need to start. But, I was doing just that–waiting until I felt just right–before singing, a hobby I love. Had to shake myself out of it. I’ve gotten to a point during this isolation, where I know when I’m just making excuses to be lazy. And there’s not enough time for that!


    • You Can Always Start Now says:

      For the past few years I have been trying to limit regrets. Realize I can’t go back in time but going forward don’t get caught up on “what if”. I do think we regret things we didn’t do over things we did. Trying, experiences, success and failure are all wins if it moves us forward.

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  4. houndsofsilence says:

    Well said. I regret have that excuse when I was a young adult. There were so many things I wanted to do, but didn’t. Now I try and try again


  5. Ruchik says:

    Well,very touching.I love the way you write the article.It’s very connecting and your words touch my heart.Thank you for sharing your amazing thoughts!


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