Creative Leap #2 Stay at home

Everything revolves around staying home this month and pretty much last month as well.  So I’m giving myself (and hopefully you) an easy at home challenge.

If you are visiting for the first time check out stepping into the arena post.   It will give you some background into these creative leaps.  The creative leap for this month is an easy stay at home challenge.  Take a picture sitting from one of your favorite places at home to have a coffee (or beverage of your choice). Explain a few of the things we are seeing in the picture and what makes them special.

I will be posting my picture the third Wednesday of the month.

Also as part of  the Chakra Society I want to learn more about Chakras. This month is the 2nd Chakra  Svadisthana.  Which is the colour orange.  This Chakra is seated in the sexual organs and kidneys/bladder.  It is responsible for creativity and reproduction.  Which makes sense since we “birth” creative ideas.  We bring them forth, nurture them until they are ready to be put out into the world.   Where the first or root Chakra was “I exist”.  The 2nd Chakra is “I desire”.

We can call on this Chakra to help us give birth to our dreams, creativity and sexuality. Focus on the colour orange and that area just below your belly button. Maybe meditate on the colour orange and that area.

You can always start now!



5 thoughts on “Creative Leap #2 Stay at home

  1. Janet Givens says:

    I love the idea of posting a photo of where we fit to have our morning coffee/tea. I’ve been doing a series on coping with CoVid, this sounds like a lovely break. Or maybe another way of coping. Thanks for this.


    • You Can Always Start Now says:

      I’m still working as Health Centre doesn’t close and you need non-clinical staff on the ground. Mentally tired more than anything. I’m finding my crafts, reading and Skying with friends is helping. We have been having Skype “wine tours” afternoon. I hope you and your family are safe during this unprecedented time. Say hi to your mom.


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