At home and making the most out of it!

If you are like me you are looking for ways to keep your self and family entertained while at home during COVID-19.  Here are a few things that I’ve been checking out.

Alie Edwards  has projects like  “a day in the life” and “a week in the life”.  It is about capturing what is currently happening in your life. This could be done anytime. She sells lovely products , but I also think you could do the idea totally on your own. Pictures and write-ups.

camp nanowrimo

What about camp? Camp Nanowrimo  has a virtual writing camp coming up in April (and July).  Different than the November’s 50,000 words a month.  You get to decide your goal.  Such as X many words, X many blogs posts or short stories.

A few friends and I did a virtual wine tour. We used Skype, picked a time and date and voila.  We raised our glasses and our wine tour began.  It was a great catch up and loved seeing friends.  Don’t limit yourself.  Set up any group gathering via virtual app.

Check out YouTube and type in anything from free drawing lessons to your favorite hits that you might want to learn. Or just enjoy.

Sit down with a beverage of your choice and write letters/notes to friends and family.  I would love to receive a handwritten note.  There seems, to me, something more personal when it is handwritten.

What about keeping a journal during this time? Our province declared a state of emergency March 22.  What are you feelings during this time? How are you copying?  Capture your thoughts/emotions. If you are a writer tap into it.

Check your craft supplies – is there anything there you haven’t finished? Bought but never started?  Pull it out.

Games – board games to be exact. Dust them off.

What about participating in the #100dayproject.  We are going to be home for a while longer. Why not join a global project and push your boundaries.

If  the 100 day project  is a bit overwhelming check out a beautiful mess.  They are participating in #StayHomeMakeSomething challenge.  I have already posted on this!

Finally read. If you have a stack of books but haven’t had time. Now you do.  Enjoy.

Let me know what you are doing with more time at home. I am always looking for ideas and new things to try.  We are all in this together.  Stay safe.

You can always start now!




12 thoughts on “At home and making the most out of it!

  1. Rebecca Moon Ruark says:

    I’ve never been more thankful for this blogging community than I am now. I’ve definitely been tapping into my essayist’s side and trying to capture in words how I’m feeling through all this. I must write it down, because if I don’t it will be gone, as I have a terrible memory. I do wish I had more time during this isolation, but my freelance writing work continues (especially the writing I do for health systems) and now I have my kids at home and I’m supposed to be micro-managing their Google Classroom stuff. I’m hoping I can get in a groove, so that I can find a bit more time for something new during this strange time, like a craft–I really need to finish my boys’ baby scrapbook, since they’re 10!!!


    • You Can Always Start Now says:

      WOW you have a lot on your plate regardless of self-isolation. I agree we should be journaling this as it is unprecedented. Are you children journaling how they are feeling during this? Could be a good future project and source material. Source material for us also. Yes to our blogging community. So take care sending positive thoughts.

      Liked by 1 person

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