Chakra Society – Creative Leap #1

FIrst creative leap for the Charka Society.  If anything this will have me posting more and focused on being present looking for ideas.  If you are reading this post as a stand alone head over to stepping into the arena part 1.  That will explain a bit of where I am coming from and going.

As part of my creative leaps and latching onto the Chakra Society I want to explore Chakras more.  This month I’m starting with the first Chakra “root Chakra”.  Remember our 7 Chakras run along our spinal cord so our root Chakra is at the end of our spinal cord. The color is red and wording is “I exist”.   If we think of Chakras as energy centres, the first one “root” is about grounding and security. If we are not grounded, feel safe and secure no growth will happen. We need to have our basic needs met first.  So this month I’m mediating on my root chakra. Breathing in red and “I exit.”

Now onto my creative leap!!

Saw this mural on the side of a building.  There is a story behind it for sure.  What prompted this painting?  Who painted it? Why is it here?  Notice the rusted railing below it. Hmm….possibilities.

I’ll post my response on the third Wednesday of the month. #chakrasociety.  If you take up the leap let me know in the comments in two weeks.  I would love to read it.

You can always start now!


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