What caught my eye in the past month

Leap year! Well I don’t think that extra day in February made much of a difference for me. I still feel behind the eight ball.  That said, below is what did catch my eye in the past month!

Growing Basil in Water

I feel plants add to a home.  Not only better air quality but greenery.  When I look at my plants they make me feel good. They are something I take care of and give back to me  So when Cindy goes beyond did a post on kitchen herbs that grow in water! Well that caught my eye.

Living in Canada once winter arrives it stays.  For a while.  Scale it Simple gives us 8 ways to boost our mood during winter.

Learn how to make a rustic Ikea crate coffee station with coffee and crate stencils from Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils! #funkyjunkinteriors #ikea #ikeahack #coffee #coffeestation #crates

I don’t think I have the space for this in my kitchen but I do like it!  Check out  how Funky Junk Interiors turns an IKEA crate into a coffee station.

10 things time taught  worth checking out and I know we can relate to more than a few.

Decor is my eye candy.  I love architecture and decorating.  This home had both.  I’m always drawn to brick so this was my fix.  Check out Apartment therapy for this Brooklyn home.

Ingrid Madison Ave    gives us mind-hacks every happy women should know.

Hope something caught your eye!

You can always start now!




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