What caught my eye in the past month

January was a long month and I’m someone who doesn’t wish the winter away!  That said below is what caught my eye during the month.

Decor always catches my eye.  Daily Dream Decor showcases a cozy small apartment. I enjoy seeing how people decorate smaller places. Along with using different items in their home.

Hand Luggage Only  gives us a few ways to save money on travel.  Also I liked the name of the blog!!

A beautiful mess  shows us a DIY accent wall.  I thought it looked great and doable!

I really enjoyed this podcast at Me and Orla.  She interviews Nir Eyal and they discuss distraction vs traction, good habits, magic of “timeboxing” and more.

The Art of Doing Stuff  gives us instructions on how to DIY a warming neck pillow with items from the Dollar Store.

If you have read the blog before you know I am for breaking projects down and celebrating wins along the way.  Paper n Stitch  has a new series starting this year of small changes that we can work on during the year.  Thought it was worth checking out.

Here are 50 journal prompts to have an amazing year.     I also think they would make some great blog posts.

And beauty is an act of cultivation. Which requires patience and compassion. . . . #beauty #selflove #selfcare #depression #inspirationalquote #mentalhealth #wellbeing #chronicillness

You can always start now!


26 thoughts on “What caught my eye in the past month

  1. Ooh there’s always something so satisfying about interior design done well. I’d love an accent wall somewhere in my own home in the future, but would definitely have to plan it out well. What a lovely compilation!


  2. I love A beautiful mess’s DIY accent wall. Will you be making one? Would love to see it once done. As for traveling out of season, that’s the only way we travel. We prefer to book our trips during school time as we do not have kids at school or at home and it’s way cheaper and we also prefer it as it’s not crowded as during peak season with 5 MIL other visitors.


    1. I’m not thinking of making the accent wall at the moment but I did like it and thought doable. Wouldn’t take too much to cut the pieces and even glue in place to start. Sigh I like my eye candy decor! Also agree I’ve always taken vacations away May or fall. Enjoy summer at home.


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