A project for meditation

I always have a few projects on the go.  For some reason I wanted something else to do while on Christmas vacation.  I had 12 days off total.  Lots of time to get stuff done already on my plate, but nope I wanted another project.

I set my sights on paint-by-numbers.  Don’t ask me why as I have no rhythm or reason for it.  I saw them at a craft store I was purchasing other items at.  Remember I had projects already at home to finish.  I had 12 days to play – days to get items off my “to do” list.  So what do I do? I purchase a paint-by-numbers.

Seriously.  I started it after Christmas and quickly realized it was not going to be a holiday project.  Squinting at the small areas to paint, I  noticed two numbers in them – oh now I have paint to mix. Hence we get shading and various yellows not just the one that came with the kit.

Once I got into it I noticed how time flew by. I usually paint in silence. Dab here, mix there and happy to find a small area that included more than one brush stroke.  I started to look forward to sitting down and painting.  Looking for the best place to start. What colors did I want to use today?  What area looked like it was coming together?

The paint-by-numbers was becoming my quiet time. A time where I am fully present. Looking at the numbers, mixing the paint and moving on.  It is like meditation. My head isn’t full of what ifs.  I’m  painting.  Quiet, alone and mindful.

I am so enjoying it. It is a way to slow down, quiet racing thoughts and just be.  There are kits out there for adults and children (if you want to try something smaller and less time consuming). I think we should get back into what made us happy as children. Maybe it wasn’t paint-by-numbers.  It might have been drawing, dancing or working with clay. It doesn’t matter. What matters is thinking outside the box – not limiting ourselves to “grown-up” things.

No one has to see your creation. You don’t even have to share what you are doing. Just pick something up and try it. Paint-by-numbers has been stress relieving for me since going back to work.  After supper just sitting down and painting.  Picking my colors, mixing them, applying them.  Concentrating on what is in front of me.  Nothing major just right now.

A different type of meditation and mindfulness.

You can always start now!


8 thoughts on “A project for meditation

  1. coffeeonthehouse says:

    I like the way you put it. “Dab here, mix there and happy to find a small area that included more than one brush stroke”. It is a different form of mindfulness indeed. I find painting very calming too.


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