Stream of Consciousness Saturday

I haven’t participated in Stream of Consciousness Saturday for a while  No excuses just off the radar, but I wanted to end the month strong so here I am.  Prompt “last call”.  Check Linda Hill    out for all the details.

I usually look at the display for the phone number before I pick up the phone. If I don’t know it I don’t pick up.  So if you are calling me for an emergency – well call 911 and save yourself the seven digits.  To give you the full picture I also don’t pick the phone up when I have company.  Yes, I let it ring and don’t even bother seeing how is calling as the person in front of me is more important. WOW what a concept.

So the last call I received that was unwanted I was in my bedroom and grabbed the phone (which doesn’t have a display).  Sadly waiting for news.  It was credit card company (NOT) calling about my credit card being used fraudulently.  It was a seriously a short conversation as I just hung up.  No need to get into why I wasn’t participating.

I did call my credit card company from work using the number on the back of my credit card and yeah not them.  Moral of my story if you want me maybe text or call from a familiar number or better yet head to where you have to go and try me from there.  Just saying.

You can always start now!

3 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday

  1. Janet Givens says:

    You’ve adopted the same process I have, Brenda. If I don’t recognize them, I don’t pick up. If they don’t leave a message, block the number. And we got rid of our land line last year after realizing people who know us call our cell; all the rest were robo calls. A sad state of affairs.


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