My purpose – oh I had it already!!

Your purpose is tossed around a lot.  Finding it. Living it. What is it?  Recently I was having a conversation around purpose.  I think it often comes up during transitions in life.  Maybe parenting, retirement or just changing directions. That next or new chapter in life.

The conversation around purpose got me thinking of mine.  At that moment in time I couldn’t think of my “purpose”.   How did I find it?  Did I already have it? What did I want it to be?  I quickly realized my purpose (or anyone) didn’t have to be earth shattering.  Most of us are not going to save the world.  Maybe our piece of it but not the whole planet.

I concentrated on what I wanted to do. How I wanted to make a difference.  At the end of the day what did I want people to say about me.  I think that last question tipped the scales for me. I want people to say I was there.  Simple.  That I showed up for them.  I listened, encouraged, supported and was there 100%.

So my purpose is to show up.  It is as simple as that and as difficult.  Showing up in all circumstances. From being a cheerleader to just listening during a grieving period.  To be that person you can count on to show up.

I also know that showing up has been something I have always done.  If I tell you I will be there I am.  If you ask my opinion I give it (you might not  like it but you did ask).  If you need encouragement I am excited for you.  I felt it resonate in my soul that this was my purpose and had been all along.  It has always been part of my core.

So if you are looking for your purpose just ask yourself what do I do automatically.  What traits are in my soul – that I don’t overthink I just do.  When I do this I feel good. That I made a difference.  Remember it doesn’t have to be huge it could be showing up.  Or creating a safe environment to explore.  To raise individuals with integrity. Or what about living with integrity and showing the people around you how it is done.

If you can’t think of a purpose or a passion don’t beat yourself up.  Put if aside and continue to create the life you want.  Explore and push boundaries.  See what happens. Don’t overthink things.  Just be.

I’m here to show up for you. So drop me a line if you want to connect.  There is nothing I enjoy more than exploring possibilities.

You can always start now!


20 thoughts on “My purpose – oh I had it already!!

  1. I purposely try to be the best version of me every day. If everyone did, it would be a kinder world. It is not new or a revelation I do it instinctively, but the last three years I have learned to do it mindfully. Checking myself have I been kind, greatful and shown others respect and if not, if I was sad or depressed, in pain or angry, (we all can be) and someone got in the way, can Irepair it? That is how I want to be, the best version of me.


  2. holistichealthwithkim

    A thought-provoking post for sure! I have been struggling with this very question lately…I start doubting my purpose of being a health coach…but then realize that I absolutely love it! …so I guess that is my purpose in this stage of my life 🙂


    1. I think you hit it on the head “this stage of my life”. I think our purpose can change when life circumstances change for some of us. Raising compassionate individuals can be a purpose until those individuals are out and on their own. Then maybe your purpose changes to…. It is great you absolutely love what you do.


  3. This is a hard one! I’ve always wanted to make a difference, working in health care, some days possibly I do. I like to be supportive and listen. People know that I care. Life is hard work and we often need the support of others. I try and help offer support where I can, even if its just to listen.


  4. Brenda

    I really love this post. We all have a purpose…but sadly for some, it will take them a lifetime to realize just exactly what it was. The purpose for most is always found within. Thank you for sharing. 🙂


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