Celebrating wins my new default

In December 2018 I did a brain dump of everything I wanted to accomplish in 2019.  I wanted to enter a new year and decade feeling strong.  That I had a handle on things moving forward and I had jettisoned everything that wasn’t working for me.  That included dreams that were no longer servicing me.  You know the dreams you hold on to because you’ve always had them.  If I didn’t have a plan for them moving into a new decade I didn’t want to continue to carry them.

That said I wrote everything down.  A few of them I broke into smaller actions and started my year.   Move forward twelve months to December 2019.  Over the holidays I reviewed my goals.  I had crossed a few off, never accomplished a few and let go of others.

The thing was I concentdrated on what I didn’t get done in the past year.  I felt like I had failed when I looked at my list.  What I wasn’t taking into consideration were all the things I did do that weren’t on the list.  All my wins.  I was just focused on the negative. Or what I considered negative.

I have read that our default is negative (fight or flight) and I do believe that.  It wasn’t until I started thinking about what I did in the past year that I realized I had wins.  Lots of them were not on my brain dump.  My trip with my sister, reconnecting with a work friend, finishing another round of edits on a novel,  signing up for SHE Quest, doing an Instagram Challenge and being mentioned in the  The tea chest as a blog to read.

I was so focused on what I didn’t accomplished I wasn’t celebrating my wins.  When I changed how I looked at my year I realized it was great.  Yeah, I didn’t accomplish everything on my list, but do we ever?  Why is the default the negative?  Why don’t we celebrate our wins?

So this new year and decade I am working on celebrating wins.  Wins will be my default.  No more I should have, could have…..   Yes to acknowledging and learning  from my mistakes. What can I take forward, let go of or do another way.  Those are wins also.  I am refocusing and changing.  I’m looking at things in a positive light.

I started a “Win” page in my bullet journal a few years ago and realized I haven’t added to it.  It just became another page in a book.  So 2020 I’m celebrating wins.  I’m going to focus on wins being my default not what I didn’t accomplish.  If I’m continuing to work on something however slow that is a win as it is moving forward.

So let’s start a “Win” page in our journals or phones.  WOW I did stuff and I’m continuing to do stuff.   If you have a big project break it down into smaller pieces and celebrate wins along the way.

You can always start now!



35 thoughts on “Celebrating wins my new default

  1. Yes, I love this. Right–we never wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night thinking about our wins, only our failures. I do think it requires real work to change this natural mindset! I’m willing to try. And writing them down is a good idea too. Good for you. (Already a win, I think!)


  2. My Author friend and mentor told me “You must Celebrate the smaller wins, on the way to your goal.” They are still wins that others have not achieved but you have. Remember and celebrate how far you have traveled, not look at how far you have to go. Xxx good luck with your Wins.


  3. Escape Writers

    I am trying to do brain dump exercise this year as I know what are my worries and my wins. Yes when we set bigger goals, we forget to remark our progress and just look out the number.


  4. Thank you for sharing your post at B.O.S.S. and yes we should not dwell on the negative but be positive, and concentrate on what we have achieved and build on that day by day. Stuff happens and we are not in control of everything that cross our path but by looking at the positive and celebrating our wins will inspire us to go further than being negative.


  5. kimsdiytribe

    I am right there with you! Lol
    I need to practice this as well. I tend to be pretty hard on myself. Always have. I need to relish the victories. At least for a little bit. Thanks for sharing this!


  6. lporter18

    Such a great blog post idea! Celebrating wins, staying positive and focusing on your accomplishments are all so important for personal growth.


  7. Why do we default to the negative? Interesting question, and so true. I love this idea of focusing on the positive, what we accomplished rather than what we did not. I’m going to go for it. Thanks for the inspiration.


  8. I love the idea of a win journal! How is it going? I’ve found that my gratitude journal, where I list 5 things I’m thankful for every night, has come in handy especially during this never ending lockdown.


    1. Currently have a win page in my bullet journal. I also started a win jar a few years ago and put my scary wins in. Things I did that really pushed my boundaries. We are not currently in lockdown. We have mandatory masking in public which we have done for a few months now. Take care and be safe. Thank you for visiting.


  9. esmesalon

    Thanks for reminding us again to celebrate, despite the size of our wins. I have a win to share. Over the past week, I took the leap and started a YouTube channel for EsmeSalon and I am having so much fun.


  10. I hope that list grows exponentially long in your diary after just one week. I don’t think you’re alone in focusing on the things you haven’t done and missing the things you have – celebrating small wins can make us realise that we actually have done a lot and have a lot to be proud for, we’re often just too busy berating ourselves to realise. Even the teeniest, tiniest of wins count. Fab post!
    Caz xx


    1. Yes to celebrating tiny wins and stopping to give ourselves a reality check that we have had wins. Especially important this year when the world is upside down. I’m celebrating things I wouldn’t have tried or done if not for a pandemic. Maybe that should be a blog post we all do celebrating our wins during COVID19!! Take care.


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