Finally my word for 2020

I knew I wanted a word for 2020.  Something to commit to. To give me that little extra push when I start doubting myself. I ran through different words for the past week but nothing seemed to stick.  Nothing got me excited.

A few years ago when I decided to use courage as my word for the year. It excited me. So I knew the feeling I wanted to have when I choose my word.  The words coming up weren’t doing it for me.

Then today I pulled a card out of my new SHE Deck.  I looked at the picture. Read the back and thought “this is it.”  The back of the dark read:

I knew when I read it that Fierce was my word for 2020.  It encompasses so much of  the feelings I want to have for the new year. New decade. To face whatever came up full-on. To put myself out there fiercely. To have no regrets and face the year with heartfelt intensity.

So day two of the year but I’m on it.  I want to thank everyone who shared their word for the year with me.  From change to laughter. We are so on this.  To a year of possibilities and opportunities and facing them head-on. I hope our words give us that extra push we need when in doubt.

You can always start now!

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