A different type of holiday gift

I’m behind the eight ball this year with the holidays.   By this time I usually have figured out an easy craft I can semi-mass produce for friends.  Something to show I’m thinking of them.  This year nothing.  Seriously, I checked Pinterest and tons of great ideas, just nothing that I was running out to purchase supplies for.

The days continued to roll on. Mid-November, end of November.  WHAT I’m so not flipping that calendar.  I’m sure you get the picture.  I was listening to Me and Orla podcast on goals. She is offering a 15 minute magic program in the new year.  Check it out.   That podcast gave me the idea of sending inspiration out to friends throughout the year.

I’m not thinking anything major and not every day either.  Simple things that I hope will spark their interest or make them smile.  The majority of us have what we need and I for one don’t need anything, no matter how lovely, I will have to find a spot for.  Is that too harsh?

I’m kind of excited about this – there are so many possibilities.  I don’t want to type them here and give away surprises.  Would this be something you’d like to receive?  What would you like to receive or give during the year?  Ideas welcome!

I’ll keep you posted!

You can always start now!


14 thoughts on “A different type of holiday gift

  1. gemmaorton says:

    I too have made no Christmas gifts this year and feel bad about it, but hey.
    I love the idea of this and would really enjoy receiving something like it. You’re right, there’s nothing we really need and it is mostly ‘stuff’ to find a place for.
    I look forward to reading more about this idea.


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