What caught my eye in the past month

Well in the last month it was the holidays that caught my eye.  I love holiday decor. The greenery, ornaments, DIY and more. Hope it isn’t over the top for you.  Enjoy.

A Beautiful Mess  has a house tour that I found bright with pops of colour.  Actually I thought it looked like a happy house.

My friend and fellow blogger A Wandafulthing does 12 days of Christmas crafts and DIY every year.  This on day 5 caught my eye.  Head over and check out all the other days.

Style at Home shows us how decorating our homes can move us forward on our goals.


I was browsing around at Style at Home and found decorating tips inspired by nature.  I found these ideas fresh and liked the color combinations and ideas. I think plants add so much to a home (decor) so this was on point for me.

I can’t even show you the picture it sort of freaks me out. Check out friend and fellow blogger John Rieber post on turkey cake.


Domino  shows a lovely holiday decorated home.  Decor is my eye candy on a good day so of course holiday decor just draws me in.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.  Can’t believe it will be 2020. Wonder what will catch my eye this month!  Happy Holidays!!

You can always start now!


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