Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SOCS

It has been ages since I participated in stream of consciousness Saturday.  Where we are giving a prompt and just write.  For all the details head over to Linda G Hill.  This week’s prompt is the word “shade.”

My first thought when I saw the word shade was something a co-worker and I just experienced.  You know how people talk about shades of black and white.  That in many situations there are many shades of grey.  Often there is no right or wrong just different opinions.  Yeah, I know sometimes there are right and wrong, but work with me here.

We were walking to get an afternoon coffee and noticed the Santa in the public area was no longer there.  Maintenance staff where behind us and said they had been called to remove all the Santas in the building.  Someone found them offensive.

I get that not everyone celebrates Christmas.  But removing Santa? Have we come to the point that everything  that whoever don’t believe is in “offensive”?   I don’t do Christmas – so Santa is offensive. Oh that Christmas tree! That has to go also.  Anything I don’t celebrate nope it is offensive.

Seriously! People talk about tolerance.  As far as I’m concerned there is absolutely no tolerance in this situation.  If you don’t celebrate Christmas and your child asks about the Santa WOW what a good opportunity to talk about other faiths and traditions.  That goes for EVER faith and EVER tradition. Open dialogue and tolerance. Celebrating diversity! What a concept.

This was not the way I wanted to end my week.  So today there are no shades of grey.  It is a solid preordained color with no opportunity for discussion.  Period.

You can always start now!



9 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SOCS

  1. arv! says:

    It is really sad that people don’t respect other religions, customs, and traditions. I’m sure the place you live in must have been following Christmas for ages. There is no reason for people to remove Santa or Christmas trees.


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