I’m having a staycation! What to do? Lots!

I enjoy travel. Seeing new places, having new experiences. There is a whole world out there for me to explore.  The question is where to start.

My travel experiences usually start with a discussion of where we want to go.  Any similar bucket list places.  So far there always is. After that it is planning.  Research into what we want to do, see and experience.  I like to have three to five to do items to start with and will get friends to do the same.

I don’t want to be wasting time once there trying to figure out what to do. Yes I want flexibility but also a plan.  I love it when people come up with things I never knew about a place.  Yes to that.

So my sister is visiting for a week and I am on vacation.  We don’t live near each other. It is a four hour time difference away.  We decided to do a little trip planning for home.  To see what is happening at home we want to take in.

Basically treat our week more like what we would do if away on vacation.  What events to take in? Sights to see.  I did a search using Trip Adviser top things to see.  I checked out pubs that often have events and music.  She wants to see an exhibition at the art gallery.  The symphony is playing at the library one day while she is here.

I found a tea and craft shop I didn’t know about.  Along with some craft classes I had no idea were offered.

I know not everything I found we will be able to take in.  But I have also put it out there to friends so there are possibilities.

I am excited having a list of things to see and do in my own city.  Shops I did not know about.  Music Wednesday evenings to take in.  All this I wouldn’t have been aware of if I didn’t research for my staycation.  Makes me think what else I am missing.

Do you know locally what is offered? Small venues and local shops off the beaten track?  A search might unearth some fun possibilities. November can be a deary month but a staycation could change this.

Will post pictures of our stayaction on Instagram.  I am excited!

PS building at start our art gallery


You can always start now

2 thoughts on “I’m having a staycation! What to do? Lots!

  1. Modern Gypsy says:

    It’s always fun to explore your city as if you were a tourist. There are so many interesting places we would know nothing about, until we start searching as prospective tourists! Hope you and your sis have a wonderful staycation!


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