What caught my eye in the past month

I can’t believe I’m posting what caught my eye and it is November.  I imagine this month and next holiday posts will be catching my eye and hopefully giving me ideas.  November for me is National Novel Writing Month.  It gives me focus and I feel a part of a writing community. It helps we have local meet ups.  Enjoy!!!

Dining Room, Table, Pendant Lighting, Chair, Medium Hardwood Floor, Stools, and Ceiling Lighting The owners wanted the first floor of the home to flow seamlessly from the front to the back. They called upon a friend's business for their lighting to save on costs.

Check out Dwell for some Brooklyn Brownstone renovations. I had a hard timing picking my favorite.

The art of simple  delves into social media and creativity. Is it helping or hindering? She makes some good points here and I think worth the read.


I know it is too early for holiday ideas but wanted to share this as thought neat.  Style at Home showcases a few DIY holiday projects using newspaper. It caught my eye as black and white and I though crisp looking.

This caught my eye as it is about pushing boundaries.  Camille styles  pushes us to try something new everyday and gives us a few ideas to start.

Okay I’ll admit it the title caught my eye 30 eye candy travel photos that will blow your mind.  Seriously that is the title of the post.

Apartment Therapy  will tell us what type of thriller we would enjoy based on our Myers-Briggs personality.  Let me know if it is correct for you.

positive quotes, You can't use up creativity. The more you use the more you have.

That is what has been catching my eye lately!  Hope you enjoyed.

You can always start now!



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