This is not a craft blog – just saying

Again this is NOT a craft blog.  That said I do enjoy doing things with my hands.  From painting, knitting to using a glue gun on pretty well anything.  For me it is often when I am in the moment more than at any other time.  It helps that I enjoy the journey of creating and I’m not too tied to the end result. Which often gets tossed in the trash and that is okay.  For me that is growth.

So when Spooktacular came about for Sharing, Inspiring, Promoting Bloggers Facebook group I had to put my thinking cap on and this is what took place.

I decided to try a few ideas I have seen on Pinterest.  I’m not one to reinvent the wheel so here is the site I used for the painting above.  Sammy gorin art will show you all the tools and methods for an acrylic pour.  Which is the picture above (mine).  Fast summary – you pour paint on a  canvass in puddles and swirl around.

I used cheap canvass and acrylic paint I already had. I didn’t use a pouring medium which the site recommends. I think it turned out pretty good – of course for Spooktacular I used Halloween colours.

The second project I used small glass jars I already head.  I used the same acrylic paint as I did on the canvass. I think glass paint would have worked better.  The craft acrylic paint wouldn’t adhere. I used a brush and a sponge and still not happy with results. The paint brushed off the glass easily.  Pinterest has tons of ideas for Halloween and glass jars.  Check out their paint recommendations.  I’m thinking not craft acrylic paint.

So that is my “not a craft blog” post.  I enjoyed the acrylic pour and did one for a friend in her choice of colours (pink, yellow and blue).  I’ll put it on Instagram as it didn’t turn out too bad either. I would definitely do it again.

Happy Spooktacular my friends.

You can always start now!


10 thoughts on “This is not a craft blog – just saying

  1. Janet Givens says:

    I envy you your craftiness, Brenda (is craftiness a word?). Glue guns and sparkles and beads give me palpitations. A hold over from summer camp I imagine when rainy days meant we made belts again in the craft cabin and all I wanted to do was walk in the woods (in the rain). I loved your painting. It was something of a Rorschach test for me.


    • You Can Always Start Now says:

      I had an extremely crafty mother who could do anything. I never went to camp so no hold overs from that! But like you I would have been wanting to be outside rain or not. Friend said they saw a goat in one of the painting. I tried but couldn’t see him!


  2. awandafulthing says:

    I think your spooktacular paint pour is fantastic – the paint colors mixed well and the shape they made is very spooky 🙂 I’ve been wanting to try a paint pour so thanks so taking it for a test drive – you’ve inspired me, as per usual 🙂


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