What I love this season of my life

I made Canada Thanksgiving dinner this year.   In the past I have had dinner with family, but this year was different.  I bought a veggie produce box as a school fundraiser.  It was the perfect time to use my veggies up and celebrate with friends.

Believe it or not this does lead to what I love about this season in my life right now.  I found as I was trying to make sure my potatoes, sweet potatoes and squash all finished baking close to the same time that I wasn’t all that concerned.  As I took the potatoes out (done), left the others in the oven for another ten minutes, I was like whatever.  I sat back down to talked to friends.

What did concern me was that I wasn’t concerned about presenting the perfect meal.  Yes, I wanted to a nice meal for friends but was seriously not concerned about it.   I mentioned this and they laughed, and said everything was fine.   Everything was fine. We were together and enjoying each other company.

This season of my life is about creating memories and having experiences. Not about the perfect meal, event or even conversation.  As I noted my lack of concern over the meal and enjoyed the day I felt a slight shift.  Regardless of  whether the veggies were all done at the same time, if I had to microwave an item, if I had too much, too little, people were too full for dessert or whatever. It didn’t matter. It was all good in that we were around the table and sharing.

Letting go of that feeling of trying to make things perfect. Of not having enough or being enough.  I think we loose the opportunity of enjoying what is happening right now.  Our heads are full of “what if”.  We talked about my concern of not being concerned and had a laugh over that maybe “I was evolving!”.

So yeah, I love this season of my life in that I’m less concerned about the end result. I want to experience the journey along the way.  I’ve tossed perfectionism out the window as not worth the stress and regrets.  Regardless of whether the dinner turned out or not it was the offer of friendship, of being together, creating memories and just that moment in time.

At the end I was pleased at how the day went.  The reflection of my “concerned I wasn’t concerned” was interesting and gave me pause as to how I am processing and living my life now.  I know I came out on the positive side.

You can always start now!


14 thoughts on “What I love this season of my life

  1. awandafulthing says:

    How wonderfully said. Perfection wears you out when really you’re the only one worrying about it – that’s been my experience.
    I have to admit I love the imperfection more than the perfection -guess I’m a nerd that way 🙂


  2. jennybhatia says:

    I love this and it could not have come at a better time. Thanksgiving is always stressful at my house. So many people, not much help, feeling under appreciated, worried. Blahhh! I feel like I need to change my approach and you have inspired me to do so. Thank you.


  3. The Tea Chest ♥ says:

    So pleased you had a lovely relaxed time with your friends. Isn’t it wonderful when we take the expectations away and actually begin to enjoy the process and company. Great job 👌


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