3 rules I try and live by

I put the word “try” in the title as realistically that is what I am doing. To say it is a done deal. Completed. Always. Well, if one of the rules I try and live by is being authentic than……try is in the title.

I am the first to admit I have lots of fault and I’m a work in progress. One thing I do try and maintain is to be authentic. I don’t think I’m someone who puts on airs or shows up as someone they are not. I received what I consider a compliment of “thank you for being candid.”  That meant a lot as I am someone who will give you my honest opinion if asked. It might not be what you want to hear but it is my opinion.  For me this is part of being authentic. Showing up  with my faults and strengths. My whole package.

Another rule I live by is to be a cheerleader and part of your tribe. I want to support, encourage and pass you that water as you run by towards the next goal post.  I love to hear people’s dreams and plans.  I’m someone who will listen and brain storm with you. Give me research to do and time to mull over your possibilities and opportunities.  This is also something I find energizing – listening to people’s passions and if I can help them make them a reality.

Commitment.  If I start something I finish it. It might not be great and definitely will be a @#$&@ first draft but it will be completed.  If I sign up for a course I finish it. It might not be my thing and that is okay.  Now I know, but I still will finish it out. People have put their time and energy in offering it and they deserve my commitment once I sign up to see it through.  Commitment is big for me – I guess I also associate it as giving my word. If I say I will show up it is a done deal.  I have a hard time with people that don’t follow through when they give their word – but that would be another post and another rant.

So my three rules I try and live by are: 1) be authentic  2) be a cheerleader (supporter of dreams) and 3) commitment (my word is extremely important to me).

What 3 rules do you live by?

You can always start now!



21 thoughts on “3 rules I try and live by

  1. natalienymark says:

    I 100% agree that you are the person I go to if I need an honest opinion, you are no BS’er, and I love and cherish that about you. You have made me think about what the 3 rules I try to live by are and I am going to have to reflect on this an get back to you 🙂


  2. justmuddlingthroughlife says:

    Interesting post and thankyou for all your support. My three things would be, 1. Tell the truth, if I don’t like something then I either don’t comment, I won’t see you look fantastic or your hair / jumper is lovely if I’m thinking otherwise. 2. To always try my best, to try and see things through to the end once I have started them. 3, to be a good role model for my children and help, support and encourage them


  3. jennybhatia says:

    Perfect words to live by. Another couple of words that I am trying to live by is to just be nice. Sometimes it’s hard, especially with certain types of people. But, you never know what’s behind it. So just be nice:).


  4. esmesalon says:

    You’re an awesome person, through and through. I am so glad and happy that we met in person on our trip to your neck of the woods. Something I will always remember and treasure. You’re one of a kind and I value your friendship


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