Weekend Coffee Share

I thought I’d catch up with everyone by doing Weekend coffee share.   Head over and get all the details and maybe join in.  I figure it is a good way to start the month and what some people consider the start of Fall.  Fall is my favorite season.  I enjoy the cooler nights and the leaves changing colour.  I think the leaves will be changing colour early this year as we had a hot and humid summer. Not a lot of rain during July and August.  Already you can see leaves falling off the trees.  So I might be a bit disappointed.

Rain leads me into what everyone has been talking about the past few days and that is Hurricane Dorian.  The pictures of the devastation in the Bahamas is hard to see.  Neighbourhoods flatten, deaths and lives changed forever.  Also watching as it works it’s way up the US coast line causing more destruction.

We are expecting the remnants of Hurricane Dorian or a tropical storm to arrive on Saturday.  High winds and rain. People are taking items off balconies (me), pulling in docks and lashing down items outside.  I expect the grocery and liquor stores to be wild Friday after work.

My plan for the weekend is to hunker down home.  I have The Land of Stories to read.  A co-worker’s ten year old daughter recommended it when she was in for a visit. She gave it to her mom for me to read.  I am trying to keep my fairy tales straight as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood and Snow White are all involved.  Each have their own kingdom and are married to their Prince Charming.  It has been a while since I read them so I’m “she had the wicked step-mother right?” “No, that was just a curse.” “Where are the dwarfs?”  “I can’t remember her having auburn hair.”  You can see my problem.

I tried my first Chalk Couture stencil.   I used it on a small canvass I painted white.  Easy as the stencil has a sticky side and I just spread the paint on.  A Wandaful Thing  has a few posts on items from wood to plastic she has been painting.

A friend posted this 2020 SFF Anthology on Facebook.  It is submissions of short stories for a fantasy/science fiction anthology.  They are due the end of the month.  Maximum word count is 4000.  I made the decision to try it – to see if I could get a short story written and ready by the end of the month to submit. I work better on a deadline and this has kept me writing and focused this week.  Writers out there give it a look and see if it something you are interested in.  Maybe you already have something written in one of these genres.

I have always thought of September as more like the first of the year.  I guess it is because school starts for us.   September for me is when I grab brochures, check out web sites and see what is happening.  It is when I get back to signing up for classes.  Theatre season starts (we have season tickets).  I have more energy and am excited about the possibilities for fall.

So that is my weekend coffee share.  Sending positives thoughts to everyone affected by Hurricane Dorian and the hurricane season in general as it has just started.  Hoping we all stay safe.

You can always start now!



5 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share

  1. Wanda Mulley says:

    Wow you had a very busy weekend. You were reading, writing, crafting and following hurricane Dorian. I saw the video that went viral of the crane falling off the building DT Halifax and the roof that blew off the apartment building near Tobin and Queen – geez it was a Hurricane after all We had a full night of rain last night. I haven’t ventured to the basement yet I almost don’t want to ☹️ Hoping you keep your power all day and that everyone in NS is doing ok xxoo

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    1. You Can Always Start Now says:

      That was my week. I did finish book club novel during Hurricane Dorian and had a beer in the hallway with neighbours. Generator gave us a bit of power in the hallway and one working electrical outlet so lots of phone charging and coffee station for the building Sunday morning. Yes places a mess and Monday morning power still off for some people.


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