What caught my eye in the past month

The following is what caught my eye in the past month.  I know fall is coming as I’m looking at more crafts and DIY projects.

Can you imagine sleeping here or better yet waking up!  Check out Centsational Style for more tree-houses.

The kitchen has the 30 most brilliant organizing ideas of all times. That is the name of the post. I’m not making that up.  You know with a title like that I had to visit.

Anthropologie-Inspired Colorful Spring Vases DIY. Take simple jars, add spray paint and trim to create a beautiful centerpiece for a fraction of the cost! 

I don’t think I’ve posted a craft for a while.  Tatertots and Jello shows us some cute DIY vases.

A friend recommended that I check this web site out as we both do Smash Books.  I’m just going to link to the whole site as it has tutorials on a variety of things including Smash Books, crafts and more.  Jennibellie Studio also offers workshops – check right hand side of page.  Definitely worth checking out for creatives.

Vintage Revivals Girls Bedroom Makeover-1

This bedroom makeover caught my eye with the statement wall and use of other materials. It is not exactly my taste, but I am drawn to it and it is a fresh and happy look I think. Check Vintage Revivals out and let me know what you think of the bedroom.

I am watching Extraordinary Homes on Netflix and seeing the world. If you enjoy travel and decor check this series out.

Centsational Style  shows us a DIY for cotton cord containers. I thought they looked pretty good.

Hope something caught your eye!  These are always fun posts to do.

You can always start now!


6 thoughts on “What caught my eye in the past month

  1. Lorna says:

    I like your ‘what caught my eye’ posts!

    If you like home decor shows on a big scale, check out Grand Designs’. Might find it on a channel that airs UK shows.


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