Enjoying your own city – Public Gardens

I always enjoy visiting Gemma over at  Wheelescapades.  We go for tea – usually what I consider “high” tea and delicious.  We also go to events and see the sights.  This summer  Gemma headed to Peter Beales Rose Gardens. That got me thinking “I have a garden”.  Well, my city does. So I thought I’d share it with you.

Our Public Gardens is one of the oldest Victorian Gardens in North America. Officially opening in 1867.  It is 16 acres in downtown.  It is on bus routes so accessible.  We have lots of flower beds, Griffin’s Pond, swans and ducks, fountain and statuses.  We even have coffee, pineapple and banana plants out during the summer to check out.  Yes, they have to go back inside for the winter.

Our bandstand holds summer concerts with lovely flowers beds around it.  The small building in the back has been turned into a coffee shop.

I took the pictures at lunch time with my phone and they seriously do not do it justice.  One of the best things about the gardens is that it is across the street from the hospital.  So people experiencing grief, lose and life alternating experiences can cross the street and hopefully find solace . Even if just for a few minutes.

One entrance you have to cross a small bridge to get to the main area of the gardens. Above taken from the bridge.

Some non-native plants that visit us for the summer.

I have the privilege of working a few blocks from the gardens.  I often walk through it to and from the library or errands. There are benches facing the bandstand and all over the gardens for people to sit.  Sometimes I have to do a walk through a few times to find a bench just for me!

There is also a large family lawn for kids to run on and you often see people sitting on blankets in the summer while their children play ball or just ran the length of the space. The gardens have a rod-iron fence surrounding it so totally enclosed.

This summer we had movies in the gardens on Friday nights.  The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bohemian Rhapsody and Mamma Mia.

The movies started just at dusk.  Above I’m sitting on the bench and behind the screen is the bandstand.  It was a sing-a-long for Mamma Mia. Words were at the bottom of the screen for us.

Thank you Gemma for prompting me to showcase one of my favorite places at home.  The Public Gardens is usually closed in the winter but last winter it stayed open and it was beautiful in a different way. Of course I was through the gate walking around on the ice for that!

You can always start now!



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