Weekend Coffee Share

It has been a while since I’ve been over for Weekend Coffee Share.  Head over to Eclecticali  for all the details and join other coffee shares.  I figure with August starting (WHAT!) and a long weekend for me.  Hooray! I should invite people over for coffee.

July was hot and humid.  Last summer we had a lot of humidity and I think we thought it was a “one off”.  Nope it wasn’t.  Summer was late starting but WHAM hot and humid once it arrived.  Which is hard to wrap my head around as we are right on the water. Surrounded by water really.

Vacations started at work the week of July 22 so at least one person off until the end of August.  I took my vacation in June so around this summer. Don’t tell my co-workers but I consider it a mini-vacation when they are away.  I have two out of three on vacation next week so……  plus it is a four day work week. Not that this means anything because I find four day work weeks can feel like five days.

Big thing this week is library books. I love the library and that is where I get all my reading material. I put books on holds all the time. Someone recommends a book WHAM on hold.  So I had three books on hold. One The Subtle Art of not giving a F*ck I had on hold for months.  I have been the 250 person waiting for a book or DVD and I’m okay with that. Popular books are popular.  The problem this week is that all three books came in at the same time. Two had to be picked up by July 31 and the other August 1st.  I mean seriously! I love to read but really?  I finished reading a cozy mystery and returned it to library Monday picking up the first novel.  It is A Darker Domain by Val McDermid. Second in Karen Pirie series.  I enjoyed the first one The Distant Echo so decided to try the series. They are older books so I didn’t have a problem getting them when I put the hold on.  Take place in Scotland and are mysteries.

Bit of a problem was that I was doing Camp NaNo in July.  Good thing was that I was ahead on my word count so managed to finish that Wednesday.  So this week was reading and writing. Not a bad week and enjoying A Darker Domain.  I cracked open The Subtle Art of not giving a F*ck while at lunch.

The other novel is a mystery also (favorite genre) by M.L. Longworth Death at the Chateau Bremont.  John Rieber (fellow blogger) recommended it.  His write up looked interesting so again WHAM hold at the library.  You have a visit to his blog as always interesting and WHAT THE!!  happening over there.

Needless to say my week has been pretty good if all I have is lots of reading to do. Such a problem I know.  Hope to get out and catch up with friends on the Saturday and enjoy my extra day off on Monday to read and maybe do housework or not.  I mean these books are due back at the library so housework might have to wait.

You can always start now!


13 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share

  1. Andrea W says:

    I read “ The Art of Not Giving a F* ck “ recently and really found the tips funny and helpful. I took a few notes of the ones I wanted to re – read again !


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