ABC Year follow-up

When a friend mentioned doing an ABC year in January I was in on the spot.  I love making lists, so yeah I’m in.  The “rules” are using the alphabet try, do, eat, explore, see, you get the idea, something that you have never experienced before.

It has been a blast.  I’m more aware of what is going on around me.  I know that might sound weird so here are a few examples. New coffee shop opens (I enjoy coffee so easy one) it is called Open Book Coffee. It is local and part of a small publishing company.  In the cafe are bookcases filled with local books to purchase. Friend and I head to the opening. Wham! I have my “O”.

Another example is waiting for friends to arrive (who were running late) and sitting at the bar. I notice sign for a peach drink that has elder-flowers in it.   Well, I needed an “E” so I had to order the drink. Plus they were already running twenty minutes late. Thirty minutes late they walk in the door.

Last week my friend, who started this, and I were talking about what we have left to capture for the year. At that time I didn’t have an “E”.  We noticed we had the same letter for J, N, Q, X and Z to do.  So thought it might be fun to figure out a few to check off the list together.

Saw Gnomes on Pinterest and had to make one.  Of course using him for my “G”.  My Gnome is the only thing I have made.  Maybe I should consider using a letter or two I am missing and make something. Ideas anyone?

It also has me taking my phone more places to take pictures.  To coffee shops, events, breweries (all place I haven’t been to before). I used places I hadn’t been on my vacation in June (A is for Amsterdam), but a lot of letters are local place and events.  It has been a fun way to capture my year and pushing a few boundaries. By heading to events I wouldn’t necessarily go to.

There are a few of us capturing our ABC year on Instagram #2019abcyear.   You still have time to join in.

Few quick places D for distillery tour, P = Propeller Brewery, K = Kinderdijk windmills, T = The Tare Shop and Y = Young Actors Company

You can always start now!


16 thoughts on “ABC Year follow-up

  1. ellenbest24 says:

    Your alphabet collection is going well. I wonder if your J could be for joining in the alphabet challence … just a thought. Good luck keep it going. Xx and thank you. X


    • You Can Always Start Now says:

      Yes we are using the ABCs to try/do/experience new things. I’m using Amsterdam for my “A” as I have never been. I used Propeller Brewery for my “P” as I had never been (local). Hope that makes more sense. Just a fun way to try new places/things and capture differently.


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