Summer tag – bare feet anyone?

Gemma over at  Wheelescapades I were thinking about posts to do and thought “why not a summer tag?”  Just a fun post to let people get to know a bit more about me.

I’m starting off by stating I’m Canadian and still live in Canada so summer is not long.  We try to squeeze a lot into it.  For starters in June the restaurants and pubs downtown set up their outside patios. Since it can still be a  bit cool in the evenings they put those heaters around.  These heaters are brought back out in September so we can stay outside as long as possible. We have a whole street pretty well dedicated to restaurants and pubs.  On the weekends they close it off to vehicles.

Well, this is supposed to be a summer tag so I should be answering questions here not going on about downtown.

Question one:   Favorite summer activity when I was growing up.  That would be hide and seek. I grew up in the city surrounded by busy streets but our side streets had an alley way and places to climb and hide to make it  interesting.

2.  Favorite summer treat?   That would be ice cream.  The soft kind dipped in chocolate or caramel.

3.  Are you a flip-flop person?  Not really.  I have a pair of flip-flops at home I use to slip on and take the garbage downstairs or run over to neighbours. I don’t find them comfortable or stable enough to walk in.  I don’t have a vehicle so when I head out the door it could be for hours.

4.  Hot and humid?  Hmmm….. summers can be short here so yes I want to enjoy hot weather.  Remember Canada so 25 degrees Celsius in the sun and we’re happy.  Humidity I’m not a fan of.  Last summer we had a lot of humidity that spiked the temperature.  Majority of people complaining as energy sucking and no air conditioning at home.

5.   How do you feel about the beach?  We have some lovely beaches.  We are surrounded by water.  My problem is that I find the water too cold to swim in the majority of the time (Atlantic Ocean) This is strictly me. Lots of people are out frolicking in the water. That said I did get in the ocean last year and it felt delicious.

6.  Favorite summer activity as an adult.  This would be the outside patios. Meeting friends for drinks and munchies on the patios. Maybe patio hopping Saturday afternoon.  The problem can be everyone else is also enjoying the patios and hopping around. So once downtown it is eagle eyes to grab a table!

7.   Favorite summer meal. This would be a barbecue hamburger (if someone else is barbecuing).  Of course I want to be eating it on their deck in the sun!

8.   Favorite summer vacation.  I usually take my vacation in May/June or in the fall (September/October).  Our May/June can be cold and damp. Everywhere else in the world seems to have better weather during that time of the year. So if I am going away it is not during our summer months. I like to be home to take in activities and festivals happening.  We have a lovely waterfront (again outside patios) and festivals and events happening all summer.  Shakespeare by the sea and Jazz Festival to mention a few.

9.   Favorite summer read.  I always have a book on the go.  During the summer and fall I walk back and worth to work. Just under 5 K.  I use the library for reading material. I don’t want to lug a hardcover book to and from home so I usually read paperback mysteries during the summer.  Easy to carry. Mysteries are my favorite genre so can read anytime. Any season. Anywhere.

10.  Secret summer indulgence? Please do not judge me.  It is diet coke. It is my secret (not now) summer indulgence.  I enjoy it Sunday afternoon on the balcony in the sun with lots of ice.  It just hits the spot. I might only drink a hand full a summer but I have to say when I do I enjoy it.

Feel free to take part in the summer tag. Would love to get to know you a bit more. Drop a line in the comments if any of the questions you were nodding to or saying WHAT!!  Happy summer everyone.

You can always start now!


27 thoughts on “Summer tag – bare feet anyone?

  1. awandafulthing says:

    well now I did learn something new about you 🙂 nice post and thanks for sharing.
    I love flipflops – the stable kind if there is such a thing lol but mostly in the summer in the house or on my own patio or in my own backyard its bare feet for me 🙂


      1. johnrieber says:

        We haven’t been to Portugal yet, where this is, but I’d do it in an instant! I love the beauty of the surroundings, and how they are meant to capture the essence of wine country! Thanks for commenting!


  2. Debbie Harris says:

    What a fun way of getting to know our fellow bloggers better! It’s winter here at the moment and I would love some warm summer sunshine. We had a few weeks in Queensland recently where it was so warm it was hard to believe it was winter! I love wearing thongs – what we call flip flops her in Aus 🙂


    1. You Can Always Start Now says:

      Our summers are short so people do try to squeeze every last minute into it. No spring really to speak of here (east coast). I enjoy my change of seasons so enjoy summer but will also enjoy winter. Just different head set and things to do. PS I even like snow!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. clairelomax2018 says:

    What a great post. I’d never realised how similar our summers were in the UK to yours.

    We have to make the most of every moment.

    I may well join in on this one when I get round to it… let’s hope it’s still summer!


    1. You Can Always Start Now says:

      I think our summers are pretty similar. They might start a bit later than yours. Whenever I have travelled to UK or Europe in the summer I pack clothes I would wear at home. I think we have a bit harsher and longer winter. TO yes to squeezing all we can in during the summer months!


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